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The Real Celeb's - By Bipin Sharma


Holistic wellness is Dr Tuli’s mantra of a good healthy life




In his entire distinguished career, Dr. Ravinder K. Tuli MBBS MD PhD has inspired countless of people who have sought his expert medical advice. He has not only cured them, but also provided them with a new dimension to lead life. As the Chief Consultant Holistic Medicine and founder of "Society for Holistic Advancement of Medicine (SOHAM)” situated in New Friends Colony, he unstintingly stands pledged towards the cause of patient’s well being and complete holistic development. His motto has been Positive Health, Prevention, Early Detection of the ailment or disease, and Total Wellness which means perfect harmony between the three vital constituents of human system viz. Mind, Body and Spirit.


This he achieves by drug-free harmless means and complete rehabilitation of the patient for dealing with all sorts of cases related to incurable pain and complex diseases. Not only does he comprehend the root cause of his patient’s illness, but also proffers distinctive solutions for nursing them back to perfection.

Says Dr Ravinder K. Tuli, “Life today is extremely stressful owing to stringent deadlines and the maddening hullabaloo that has become an integral part of our existence. As a result, more and more people are falling prey to life threatening ailments and other health hazards. Ask experts, and they will suggest you umpteen medications. However, I advice the distressed lots to adhere to basic fitness regimes and a healthy lifestyle. As a fact of matter, most of the simple or complicated ailments are related to the sedentary and lethargic lifestyles. The benefits of morning or evening walking are innumerable, and simply shouldn’t be ignored or overlooked. The WHO definition of Health, “a state of positive physical, mental and social well being, and not merely absence of disease” guided the healthcare worldwide, as well as the development of modern medicine over the last six decades and more. The integrative and comprehensive approach to health is termed Holistic Medicine, as it promotes positive health and total wellness of the individual as a whole “body, mind & spirit”.”

Truly a protagonist as far as spearheading the clinical concept of Holistic Medicine is concerned,  Dr Tuli was invited to establish the world’s first-ever Department of Holistic Medicine at the state-of-the-art Multispecialty tertiary care Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals, New Delhi in year 1996.

As for “SOHAM”, it is dedicated to the cause of positive health and total wellness, body-mind-spirit, by optimum integration of the ‘science’ of modern medicine with the ‘art’ of various officially recognised traditional systems of health, as far as possible by drug-free, natural and harmless, but highly efficient means for the cure of conventionally incurable ailments.
Dr Tuli shared, “Not many people are aware as to what exactly Holistic Health means and why modern medicine fails to provide that. In Holistic Health, Stress is on knowing the patient who has the disease rather than knowing the disease that patient has.”

Kudos to the good doctor who’s all out on a war footing mission to make a wholesome, impactful difference to the lives of people in pain and suffering!!

In a freewheeling chat, Dr Tuli explains how ‘Good health adds Life to Years’.

Qs: What do you have to say about the ageing process?
Dr Tuli: It’s human instinct to live as long as possible. It is important to live healthy, feel well, look good and be useful to others as long as we live. This phenomenon termed ‘holistic wellness’ should be possible at any age with nil or easily manageable disability burden. The ‘science’ and ‘art’ that addresses to prevent, minimise, arrest or reverse the biological effects of  aging and help people to live healthier, happier, and remain productive as long as possible is termed Anti-Aging. American Board of Medical Specialties offers Certification in Anti-Aging Medicine as a speciality in the U.S.A. According to W.H.O. health statistics, average life expectancy at birth in India was 57 years in 1990, it increased to 61 years in 2000, and further improved to 65 years in 2009, in comparison to current global average of 68 years; whereas in Japan the same stood at 83 years. According to this trend, we are gaining an extra four years to live with the passage of each decade. In near future an increasing numbers of us in this country would live a hundred years or more. It’s mandatory that increasing longevity must be supported with better health, minimal medication & good quality of life ‘QOL’.

Qs: Is it possible to increase one’s life span?
Dr Tuli: Increasing life span is attributed to increased affluence, better living conditions, higher education, more health awareness, improved sanitation & hygiene, safer working conditions, prevention & cure of infectious diseases of the past, and better medical facilities. At the same time, we have to be aware of limitations of the system of modern medicine that does not fully address to the emerging threat to our survival in the form of diseases attributable to life-style disorders, viral infections, or due to the impact of physical aging.

Qs: How can the elderly lead a healthy lifestyle?
Dr Tuli: We can significantly enhance efficacy of health care in the elderly by judiciously complementing our dependence on symptomatic palliative care offered by modern medicine with the time-tested wisdom of various harmless drug-free modalities of officially recognised traditional systems of health to reverse the effects of aging and thereby arrest or even cure all diseases attributable to the process of aging. All inclusive integrative drug-free modalities that are used as ‘holistic therapy’ include meaningful life-style modifications along the path of ‘yoga’ including deep rest, stress elimination, breathing practices, healthy nutrition, initiation of regular physical exercise, panchakarma and all modalities of acupuncture therapy, supported by psycho-hypnotherapy in chronic refractory diseases.  


Qs: Explain how holistic medicare is so useful? 

Dr Tuli: The all inclusive holistic approach to health termed Holistic Medicare, incorporating the ancient ‘art’ with modern ‘science’, is highly useful for therapeutic tapping of subtle shifts in our physiology, generating biochemical communicators to mould the molecules that comprise cells, tissues, organs, systems, and the human being as a whole. The inbuilt natural technology inherent in every human individual can be easily harnessed to tap into natural reservoirs of unlimited energy, creativity and vitality; arrest, and effect reversal of any disease process, minimise morbidity due to biological aging, improve health at any age and restore Positive Health & Total Wellness: “Earlier the Better”
                                                       Dr.R.K.Tuli   -MBBS DHA DAc (Srilanka) CHt (USA) MD PhD (Hons. Causa)                                                                       Chief Consultant Holistic Medicine                                         

Founder: Society For Holistic Advancement Of Medicine “SOHAM"*                                                                  

Fmr. Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals, New Delhi & Indian Air Force                                                                                      *“SOHAM” The Clinic For Holistic Medicare D-961, NFC, New Delhi-110025

Contact: 011 26914787 / 26924787 / 9811224787;                                        *Dedicated to promotion of Positive Health and Total Wellness: Body-Mind-Spirit, by drug-free harmless means for the CURE of conventionally incurable Pain & All Diseases.


Sonal Gupta : For all those emergency moments



Born with a silver spoon, life could have been very uncomplicated for DPS RKP alumni Sonal Gupta had he simply taken over the mantle of his successful family owned paper import and trading business. Alas! that was not to be, since the philanthropist in Sonal unremittingly had this burning desire in him to do something remarkable for the society, one that could benefit countless of people around him during those crisis hours when help is far away and almost impossible to reach. Unlike beings who venture into projects after evaluating the ‘pros and the cons’ meaning the long term commercial gains and other related merits, this entrepreneur set out for exploring an avenue which he felt was not just close to his heart, but would also play a pivotal role in helping the distressed people at those crucial moments when they were all alone and needed immediate redemption. Thus what ensued was an exhaustive brainstorming session with his better half Shoma for days together. Often in the leisure moments when families would take sabbaticals to tranquil, greener pastures, Sonal and Shoma would ponder for hours over that unraveled void in today’s fast paced life which they could probably fill with their pioneering initiative. It literally needed a virtual divine insinuation from their daughter Kashish when she reminded them about an infamous child kidnapping saga in the capital city that provided the much needed clue to Sonal and his wife about the underlying theme of their new project. As luck would have it, Sonal subsequently decided to keep the focus of his new project all around the little kids and the seriously ill people. The idea of launching a unique Helpline service for people in need had already germinated in his mind, and the only hitch in between, was developing a customized technology to maintain the database of the users for giving shape to this novel concept. Says Sonal, “Once I knew what I was pursuing, I knew that the next step was to give shape to my plans and dream with the usage of modern day technological advancements and other related logistics. Since the end users were primarily the vulnerable lots who were prone to various sorts of unforeseen eventualities, I was convinced that I was looking for highly innovative, ingeniously designed utilities namely a panic button, wireless alarm panel and a remote control emergency button. While the GPS system is already in vogue since long, my target area or segment was different as it comprised seriously sick people like Alzheimer patients etc, and the little kids who were highly susceptible to kidnappings for extortion, ransom and for avenging personal enmity. Because the entire project entailed a huge expenditure, my father had natural apprehensions like any other dad. However seeing my keenness, desire and grit to take this project to its logical conclusion, my doting father consented to my project. I have no inhibition when I share that I invested all my lifetime savings that I had accumulated all these years on this ambitious project.”
Besides incurring the expenditure on the expensive technology, he took on board a call centre team for coordinating and managing the emergency helpline services on a daily basis. That there is a recurring monthly cost involved for running this altruistic show, Sonal is optimistic that this project down the lane will reap him dividends chiefly because of the noble intent attached to this venture. However till that time comes, the suave entrepreneur knows that has to be patient.
The services cost are Rs 200 per person per month which Sonal says is way less than what a family of four spends on watching a movie. In a year, the cost comes to Rs 3.70 per person per day which again if evaluated in context of the far reaching benefits that these services offer, is extremely economical.
The fact that he had already delved into the Electronic Security Systems business few years ago under the name Sonal Enterprises, and took it new echelons of success pan India as a result of his sheer acumen bolstered his confidence all the more. It was his astute vision that brought laurels for Sonal Enterprises not only in the private sector, but more importantly in the government organizations too.



Shares Sonal, “Personal incidents including a tragedy when a family member could not reach out to help was the turning point in my life that played a great role in inspiring me to think beyond the life’s mundane. I had thus, long time back only resolved to render my services and contribution in making this a better place to live, for you, me and the entire human race. Well you might accuse me of plagiarism when I echo Michael Jackson’s immortal lyrics here, but I can’t help humming them since I have always believed and lived up to them.”
Sonal’s dream project is called “” which in simpler terms is nothing, but an Emergency Response System co-ordinating all Emergency Response Services under one roof that offers help in Medical Emergencies, Burglary and Fire through a call centre that co-ordinates the activities with the statutory bodies and people in need of the services. Also with an in house server, also offers GPS tracking of cars, Alzheimer patients, Children and Bags/Briefcases tracking. Additionally, a unique concept has been introduced for first time in India of  Tele-monitoring of people  where in by calling the citizens twice a day, the health, safety and well being is monitored, especially of senior citizens and provide Emergency Response Services  if required.
Adds Shoma, “The concept of revolves around increasing the purpose of security by providing real-time connectivity between families, homes, property, care givers and community support networks. With our Emergency Response Services, the people are empowered to pursue their daily lives with full confidence that their own lives, people and things they care most about are safe and comfortable. In the present day hectic life schedule, the human dependent emergency support system is withering away as the core people who stand by in  emergency are themselves so much pre occupied  with their own lives that they are themselves constrained by their own challenges of work and responsibilities .This void generated the need of an emergency response system where a speedy co-ordination system makes available to people, the “much needed emergency services”, as required in their times of need saving lives and assets and adding value to the diminishing human life which is a need of the growing Indian Economy.
As far as the hospital tie-up’s are concerned, Sonal has already linked up with the leading hospitals of Delhi and pool of private ambulances. Besides, he has been keeping busy due to regular presentation and interaction sessions with various RWAs of the city. For this never say never die entrepreneur, is no business venture, but a passion.
“Saving every precious life when it really can be saved” is his motto, and he is pledged to saving every precious life.    




Dr Rakesh khera : A Samaritan for all times



Unlike many young boys who feel fascinated to be a part of the Indian forces for the love of donning the “olive green”, the 12 year boy Rakesh Khera also nurtured a desire to be in the forces inspired by the gallantry tales of the Indian war legends. His family, on the other hand, was always averse to the idea of joining the Army from day one. As time passed by, and Khera became eligible to sit for the SSB examination, he cleared it with flying colours. Ironically his dream of being a part of the Indian forces couldn’t be realized since his doting and ailing grandmother refused to give her go ahead. Not the ones to go against the wishes of his elders, Khera with a heavy heart, relinquished all his childhood dreams. Nonetheless, he resolved to making a career in the field that provided him ample opportunity to render community service. Thus began Khera’s unending quest into the world of Alternate Medicine, Reiki and Astro- science from where he has never looked back. The young boy of yesteryears who had starry dreams of making it to one of the world’s best Army i.e. the ‘Indian Army’ is today better known as Dr. Rakesh Khera. Thanks to his years of perseverance and commitment, he has carved a niche for himself all these years by being an accomplished Astro Scientist, a Reiki Grand Master, a noted Gem Therapist. After completing B.Sc (Hons) in Maths, he followed it with a Post- Graduation in Sociology from Delhi. An in-depth scholar with a Post-Graduate Degree in Alternative Medicine and Gold Medalist in Naturopathy, he is Recipient of President’s Award from Late President Giani Zail Singh in recognition of his services in the field of Astrology. He has traveled round the Globe spreading awareness about these holistic fields and earning numerous Awards and Honors in the process. All these years, Dr Khera has not only cured many people who have sought his opinion, but more incredibly inspired them to lead a healthy, stress free lifestyle. An acclaimed Grand Reiki Master, his mantra lies in correcting the energy levels around a person and removing the negative energy blocks. He has always emphasized upon attaining the state of equilibrium when mind, body and soul are all in tandem. Says Dr Khera, “Once when a person walks into my clinic named ‘Oshadhi’, the visitor gets a patient hearing. It is more important to know the patient who has the disease than the disease the patient has. The temperament of individual is kept in mind, no particular line of treatment is forced upon the person, the decision is arrived at mutually. Thereafter, I decide upon the line of treatment, it could be Reiki, Acupressure, Gem Therapy, Homoeopathy, Tele therapy or a combination thereof with inputs from Astrology, Vastu, Feng-shui and Stress Management if need be. My specialized field is Reiki, Gem Therapy and Astro-Medicine. I diagnose the disease through Auroscan and Astro-diagnosis. My patients range from common cold, skin diseases, depression, Diabetes, blood pressure, blockage in the fallopian tubes, cervical spondylitis, knee pain, insomnia, psychosomatic patients, eye ailments etc. Holistic line of treatment provides a way of life that prevents occurrence of some of these ailments. Since positive approach is all about being happy, I make it a point to bring a smile and glow on those who come to me in suffering. Once this is achieved, half my job is already done as it helps me cure ailments of all my patients.” As far as the field of Astro science is concerned, it helps him in advising people about the right path they should choose in life. According to him, it saves a lot of precious time as people can sagaciously plan their future course of actions if they know what their stars are indicating. For instance, a student may be pointlessly wasting his time pursuing an engineering degree when his stars are indicating a career in Hotel Management. Dr Renu Kakkar who has worked with him since the past 20 years says, “Dr Khera possesses a unique way of giving solutions and heeling to people that come to him in pain. The untimely demise of his mother left him totally shattered, and though it left a deep void in him, he became all the more resolute when he realized how elated his mother felt when he played the redeemer’s role to perfection helping people cope with all sorts of ailments and diseases. He also counsels people on relationship issues.” Speaking about his special accomplishments, Dr Khera shares, “Since I couldn’t join the Army, I took up a job in a Bank and worked as an Officer for 15 years. I however, gave it up as I was attracted to the world of mysticism. I feel pleased to say that by the blessings of my Guru and Shakti, most of the people who came in suffering to me and were habitual drunkards, are today leading healthy lives, and have quit alcohol forever. That is unquestionably my most “special achievement” when those broken homes are again revived as a result of my guidance and direction. There’s no doubt that Allopathy works better in crisis cases, while in prolonged diseases, Alternate Medicine plays a significant role with no side effects at all. Every medical science has its own set of advantages. My work gives me reason to smile and feel content.”



Rita Gangwani: Sky is her limit



Lok Vihar resident Rita Gangwani holds the unique distinction of being the first lady army officer from Himachal to join the MNS core in the Indian Army. Albeit her stint could not last the full term due to family pressure, she managed to leave an indelible mark in the minds of all her colleagues and seniors with not just her accomplishments, but with her vivaciousness. Leaving Army after merely a period of seven years was not an easy task as it meant giving up on her childhood dream of serving the nation in uniform. However her doting husband’s suggestion that the capital city would enable her plethora of meaningful career related opportunities found resonance with her. Thus she could finally manage to get over the emotional trauma of saying goodbye to something that she had always cherished as a youngster. No sooner did she leave Army than began her fervent quest to explore an apt professional career for her alongside managing her family life. Thanks to her obsession with the ‘olive green uniform’, the former lieutenant from Indian Army was keen to foray into an avenue where she could remain connected to the glorious virtues of ‘fauj’ in some capacity, or the other. Thus, after much pondering, deliberations, and subsequent brainstorming sessions with her husband, she finally decided to turn into a ‘Personality development mentor’ with special emphasis on discipline and etiquettes. However being one meant that she too had to undergo various sorts of training modules and crash courses in order to impart a well formulated, comprehensive training program to countless of people aspiring to groom their personality for enhancing their career prospects.
Delving into the nostalgia, Rita shares, “It might sound an ageless cliché, but I feel proud saying that you can take a fauji out of fauj, but it’s impossible to take the fauji out of an ex-service person. Meaning in simpler terms, that once an individual has undergone the regimented fauji training in life, he or she will continue to live with the same old ideologies and discipline for the rest of their lives. Being no exception, I too have been living with the same golden ethos of fauj that got permanently entrenched in me during my brief seven year stint with the Indian Army. I had to quit Army on purely compassionate grounds since I had ailing parents to look after in Delhi, besides managing my household after marriage. Opting out of fauj by no standard, meant that I was bracing myself for the role of a full fledged homemaker since I was resolute to continue with my professional pursuits once I leave Army. I could have well continued with Army had it not been for the regular postings that faujis are subjected to, after every two years in one particular city. As my family needed my physical presence, I knew I had to make the toughest decision of my life. Humbly putting, I wasted no time in settling down as a professional Personality Development Mentor (PDM). While it may seem a usual run of the mill profession, let me elucidate that I have innovated the role of a PDM by adding novel dimensions to this fascinating industry of grooming people.”
A gifted orator, Rita has devoted the last 24 years of her life towards motivating and grooming the youth brigade of the country in various disciplines of life. A Post Graduate in HR from Himachal University, she ensued it by a Diploma in Etiquette and Personality Development from Surval Mont-Fleuri Finishing School in Switzerland followed by an Advanced Diploma in Etiquette from Etiquette School of New York. She had joined the Indian Army in 1977. She stood first in All India Merit list and was awarded the prestigious President's Medal along with Air Force Station (Bangalore) Trophy for being the Best cadet. She was commissioned as Lieutenant in the regular Army in 1980.


She has aptly made the most of the opportunities that came her way despite life’s adversities and other shortcomings. In her distinguished career spanning well over two decades, she has efficiently juggled between both her professional and personal life. The fact that her two kids are achievers in their own right bears testimonial to the same.

Says Rita, “I was often ridiculed for being short heighted right from my student days. Monikers like ‘mini road rollers’ and ‘pocket sized’ that I was regularly showered with, were extremely distressing. Blessing in disguise, these unholy bestowing’s ended making me mentally tough, and thus made me all the more determined to do something different and extra-ordinary. Besides academic achievements, the crowning moment came when I got selected as the first lady officer from Himachal Pradesh to join the MNS core in Indian Army. I was given a rousing reception by my Alma mater for bringing rich laurels to the institution. My joy knew no bounds when the same bunch of old comrades that once scorned me, gave me a standing ovation before a packed house. That was the time when I can ecstatically proclaim that the wheel came the full circle for me, and the rest as they say, is history. No wonder, good things indeed come in small packages. As an entrepreneur, I teach people how to lead extraordinary lives through the power of living in the moment. I have conducted workshops in prestigious corporate houses and Fortune 500 companies both nationally and internationally. As a trainer, I have more than 25 years of work experience to my credit wherein I have had the fortune of honing the skills and talents of countless students during the course of various workshops organized worldwide. The average age group of students in my workshops range from 20-65. There has been a drastic rise in the number of elderly citizens coming to me in seek of grooming their basic skills be it mother in laws or senior citizens aspiring to upgrade themselves so as to keep pace with the contemporary trends.”
Adds she, “I specialize in Scientology, Dynatics, Tea cup reading, Tarot, Candle Magick, Chios Energy, Reiki, Face and Body reading, Handwriting analysis, Color healing, Dr Silva's Ultramind ESP system, Neuro Linguistic Programming besides being a motivational speaker. I have been an expert as well as a jurist for many prestigious national and international beauty pageants and contests. I have trained many aspiring models and contestants, some of whom have gone on to represent India at various very prestigious pageants and contests all over the world. Besides writing for magazines and newspapers, I am a regular on Pragya TV as a motivational speaker. I have recently made my debut in Bollywood with a film titled ‘Delhi in a Day’.

For her outstanding accomplishments, Rita has been honored on numerous occasions year after year. She was conferred with the Women of the year award in 2005, followed by Mahila Gaurav Samman, Rajdhani Ratan Award, Apaar Vashisht Sewa Samman, Rashtriya Sanskar Bhushan (2009), Jewel of India award, Women Achiever’s Award for Education in 2010, Eminent Speakers Award, Gantavya Award, Kesari Woman Award, and the most recent Achiever’s Award in 2012.
As for her future plans, she unequivocally says with a cheer on her face, “Sky is my limit, and I can assure that the best is yet to come. It has been my innate desire to transform the lives of seekers that need nurturing so that they too can turn their shortcomings into their strengths like the way I did, with sheer hard work and direction. Presently, I am giving the final touches to my newly upgraded workshops that will play a pivotal role in helping seekers break new glass ceilings. I have absolutely no qualms citing my own experiences and weaknesses before the students as being candid alone holds the key to striking a chord with the young minds.” 
Says Karan Singh Chauhan, manager, Customer Retention, The Compass Group, “Ms Rita Gangwani is the Mother of new society. She’s a mentor par excellence as she not only grooms your outlook but also instills the confidence and equips you to face this ever dynamic and competitive world. I have known her for almost a decade now and have yet to come across a personality like hers. Her genuineness to help and wisdom has impacted my life to a great extent .It is said knowledge is wealth. With all the knowledge that she has given me, I am the wealthiest person in this whole world.”
Remarks Dr Udita Tyagi, Mrs. India Worldwide and Mrs. India International
National President & Brand Ambassador – My Clean India, “I had the opportunity of meeting Rita Ma’am in 2011 during our grooming sessions for Mrs India Worldwide. Her training not only helped me achieve my goal of winning Mrs. India Worldwide (2011) and also pushed me to win the title of Miss Congeniality at Mrs. India International (2012). I would dedicate my title to Rita Ma’am because she boosted my confidence so much to be able to represent India at an International level. It is her guidance and motivation that has helped me to become who I am today.”



Sneh Lata Garg: The world is her oyster


Sneh Lata Garg founded the Anmol Moti Mahila Society to provide free medical amenities to impoverished segments of the society




Following the marriage of her two daughters, homemaker Sneh Lata Garg experienced a natural void like most of the Indian mothers. Having spent some of the most golden years with her two loving apples of the eye, she knew she had to keep herself occupied in order to overcome the emotional vacuum of life which every daughter’s mother has to undergo. Thus happened the genesis of Anmol Moti Mahila Society, a non profit voluntary organisation committed to providing free medical amenities to impoverished segments of the society. Notable among them being free eye check-ups and distribution of artificial limbs. The other key focus of this organisation has all these years been on children education and their overall development. A charitable institution formed and run by Sneh Lata along with fellow members, Anmol Moti Mahila Society was conceived on Friendship Day in the year 2009 with only 10 members. Thanks to the remarkable wonders that this movement has accomplished, the Institute today boasts of 80 members. Cheers Pitampura based Sneh Lata, “Irrefutably my daughters were my inspiration at the starting point when I launched this organisation, however today after three substantial years of selfless service, I have no qualms to say that the people in distress are my source of strength and passion. Nothing beats the euphoria when we as a team of like minded comrades are able to bring a smile on the faces of despondent and those in suffering. My life acquired an altogether new dimension ever since I decided to dedicate myself to the service of the under privileged strata of society. With passage of time, my desire towards people in need has only grown manifold. Through this medium, I would like to applaud few of my close associates namely Kusum Mittal, Shashi Gupta, Anju Jain, Anshu Jain, Manju Singla, Kavita, Mala Gupta, Sunita and Poonam Mittal who have steadfastly supported this altruistic movement in all crucial phases.”


Anmol Moti Mahila Society members


Stalwarts of Indian politics namely Kapil Sibal, Dr Kiran Walia, Sheila Dikshit, and Mangat Ram Singal too have acknowledged her painstaking efforts towards mankind and society.
Sneh Lata takes pride to say that it has been the staunch support of her loving husband Vijay Pal that has helped her realise her dream, and overcome all the challenges that come her way in achieving her targets. During all these years, her husband, a successful business entrepreneur has not only stood besides his wife, but been magnanimous enough to lend all the financial assistance. The different members of this organisation hail from different backgrounds, but what unifies them on one common forum is compassion and devotion. The end objective is “humanity”, and to whole heartedly support people in need of costly treatment and medicines. One of the most notable projects undertaken by Sneh Lata’s society so far has been the Artificial Limb Camp organised under the aegis of Dr. R. Mehta for three successive years. This camp was organised in association with Bhagwan Mahavir Viklang Samiti Limb Center, S.M.S Medical College Jaipur. More than 210 handicapped persons benefitted from this camp which incidentally included 12 children and 3 senior citizens.
Elucidates Sneh Lata, “The Jaipur Limb is so efficient that once this limb is fitted, it enables a person to walk normally without a stick, or support and even run, ride a bicycle and climb a tree. Many of the patients can, after the fitment, go back to the fields, factories, shops and offices. The cost of one operation was approximate 3000, and in all 5,50,000 was incurred on this camp that comprised artificial limbs, Polio Callipers, special shoes, special footwear for leapers and crutches for handicaps. Even transportation charges and food was provided to people who were operated. The most remarkable aspect being that our charitable institute was just 9 months old, and sans any aid from government, or any other institute, we were successfully able to manage this whole project. Where there is a will, there is a way!”


Dynamic members of Anmol Moti Mahila Society



The never say never die lady with a missionary zeal, Sneh Lata has also been instrumental in organising eye donation camps where she has motivated people to pledge themselves for eye donation after death. Free eye check ups for senior citizens followed by distribution of spectacles free of cost have been a regular feature of these camps. She has perpetually believed that for bonafide issues such as Girl Child Education, Better upkeep of Goshalas and providence of good quality fodder for Cows etc., politics should be kept aside so that common consensus can be arrived at the earliest.
Sneh’s husband Vijay Pal remarks, “It is entirely one’s own call whether one wishes to be a drop of water in a lake, or be that scanty drop of water falling on a leaf of lotus. My wife chose to be the latter, thus ubiquitously shining like a pearl. And no wonder, the world is her oyster. Be it the ever so pertinent issue of girl child, cows, women empowerment, female child foeticide, my firebrand wife has been at the helm of affairs all the while, and played a sheet anchor role whenever approached by people in distress. Kudos to her all the way.”
Dr Anand Bhatt, an orthotist informs, “Orthotics is a science dealing with the use of specialized mechanical devices to support or supplement weakened or abnormal joints or limbs. An orthosis is used to assist movement in general, control, guide, limit an extremity, joint or body segment for a specific reason, and to provide hassle free movement capability. On a request from Anmol Moti Mahila Society, we had rendered our expert services for their recently concluded camp. A total of 300 needy persons had participated in this unique health camp in 2012 this year wherein our team of 14 doctors and technicians evaluated the needs of different physically challenged persons. Different aids and equipments were given free of cost as per the advice of specialists. Amongst the participants , there were a sizeable number of polio affected and leprosy patients. The camp played a remarkable role in helping patients improve their mobility from one place to another. A young physically challenged girl who availed of the benefits from this camp is today conveniently able to do a lot of day to day activities just like any other normal person. An orthosis which is an externally applied device helps to modify the structural and functional characteristics of the neuromuscular and skeletal system. The different types of orthoses are namely upper-limb orthoses, lower-limb orthoses, foot orthoses, ankle-foot orthosis, knee-ankle-foot orthosis etc.
Aman Dagar shares, “I was naturally overjoyed when I heard about this charitable institution distributing free artificial limbs during their annual camps. As a polio affected person, life had perpetually posed colossal challenges for me. Incidentally, I have participated in all the three camps organised by Anmol Moti so far. Besides availing the benefits myself, I have been instrumental in roping a good strength of people from the adjoining villages of District Palwal for helping them too reap the widespread benefits of this camp. I express my whole hearted gratitude and thanks to Sneh Lata and her team for undertaking a real noble venture. Different variety stuff like special shoes, polio callipers, Jaipur Limb, walking sticks are all available under one roof in their camps.
Rajesh Garg says, “Anmol Moti Mahila Society is doing an incredible job by helping people in distress. Like true divine emissaries, this society is helping financially constrained people like me who cannot afford the modern day remedies and treatment. My 13 year old daughter has got a new lease of life ever since doctors fitted an artificial limb in her body.” 
Madhu Jindal, executive member of Anmol Moti Mahila Society says, “As one of the founder members of this organisation, let me commence by saying that Sneh Lata has been a guiding force for us all these years. We feel extremely satisfied after indulging in all such Samaritan acts. Takes pride to say that till date more than 800 people have benefitted from these camps in some capacity or the other in the last three years.”




Sudha Sharma- A lifetime pledged to the cause of society

Delhi based activist Sudha Sharma needs no introduction thanks to myriads of social welfare causes that she has been associated with in her 25 year long distinguished career. Despite the challenges being humungous, it’s been her sheer indomitability and zeal that has inspired her to emerge with flying colours. Be it the ever so pertinent issue of girl child, cows, women empowerment, female child foeticide, creating civic awareness about hygiene and cleanliness among slum dwellers, or for that matter, fighting for children’s right for their rightful playing space, this firebrand lady has been at the helm of affairs and played a sheet anchor role whenever approached by people in distress. A lot of complex and long impending intriguing issues can be resolved with a sagacious approach and flexible mindset, feels Sudha Sharma.

It takes few sensitive issues close to the trailblazer Sudha’s heart to get her going all guns blazing and unabashedly. Shares she, “While I agree that it’s natural to turn emotive on certain issues that one strongly feels about, but then the probability of any positive outcome with such flared tempers is remote. On a comparative note, the likelihood of attaining favourable results increases if one exercises restraint and patience to lend a patient ear to others thoughts and notions. One who just talks and has no patience to listen to other’s views can never succeed. On the other hand, a patient listener is the one who not only leaves an indelible impression on the audience, but is the one who emerging the triumphant in the final run. Well this is the mantra that holds the key to most intricate and arduous problems gripping our society in these turbulent trying times. Besides flexibility, there is the grave need to hear out the contrarian views and ideologies too in conjunction with the tenets of real democracy. By outrightly denying other’s a forum to rant their minds is akin to robbing them their ‘Right of freedom of expression and speech’. We are by no means any totalitarian or an oligarchic nation. As the largest democratic country in the world, we need to maintain a fair degree of decorum and dignity. There are times when I am left rattled when the so called civil society refers to the Holy Cows, our Universal Benefactor as “stray cattle”. It may make good catchy headlines to pen, ‘Recklessly meandering stray cattle a big cause of concern”. 


Spare a just thought on whose fault is it actually when the cattle goes astray, the cattle, the cattle owners or the government at the helm. The cow as rightly elucidated by eminent cow activists of the country never so sought or desired to be on the roads. As the Universal Benefactor, cows have been unflinchingly and unremittingly been supporting mankind and thus are incontestably indispensable for the same. Like the timeless parlance in vernacular, “Poot kapoot ho sakte hain, Mata kumata kabhi naa kehlai” meaning children can go haywire and turn sinister, however Mothers shall ubiquitously be beacons of compassion, love and care. This sardonically is the grim veracity of the day. For some bonafide issues like Girl Child Education, Better upkeep of Goshalas and providence of good quality fodder for Cows etc., politics should be kept aside so that common consensus can be arrived at the earliest. A more aggressive campaign is needed to create mass awareness against the harmful effects of polythene bags.”

Female foeticide is another issue which Sudha believes can be effectively addressed by proper counselling. Albeit, the percentage of female foeticide has drastically come down, a lot more needs to be done in the rural belt. Bemoans Sudha Sharma, “The paper figures on girls attending schools in various nooks and corners of the country cannot be trusted as the reality is far from different. Undermining and overlooking the economic viability of educating girls is the greatest fallacy, an irrevocable blunder. One sees serpentine queues lined to seek blessings of little girls as part of the Kanya Poojan ritual on Ashtami. The believers indulge in all sorts of ritualistic traditions in order to appease these little angels. While the customary traditions are absolutely okay, it will make actual sense only if such acts get translated into concrete long lasting empowerment plans for them. The recent initiative to earmark a definitive proportion of councillor seats for ladies augurs well for the capital city. Well, this might be the beginning of a glorious chapter awaiting to get unfold. 

In her illustrious career, Sudha has played a facilitator’s role to perfection by bridging the gap between charitable dispensaries and the economically weaker sections of the society. Since a substantial percentage of people are unaware of such establishments, she has fiercely propagated the message across amongst the ignorant lots about these existent amenities. A frequent visitor to slums, she vociferously advocates on germane issues like cleanliness, hygiene and on how prevention is better than cure. Having played a pivotal role in organising copious of health camps for making the rural folks aware about the quintessential health do’s and don’ts, Sudha has been unrelenting and unstoppable in her altruistic mission.
It’s been her earnest desire to seek idle lying greens converted into playing parks for children. She has incessantly rued the irony that India fails to make an impact in Olympics due to lack of playing parks and good infrastructure. It would be imprudent to expect future Sachin’s and Bhaichung Bhutia’s when these vivacious kids have to contend themselves to the gully cricket, or by restricting them to the dingy, chaotic lanes. Besides getting parks free from squatters and encroachment, this no nonsense lady has been motivating the youth brigade of her area for carving playing space out of the existing chunk of land. The golden phase of human life is the ‘childhood’, and it thus becomes sacrosanct on every adult’s part to ensure that it remains intact.

If the list of her accomplishments is unending, the long litany of tasks that she wishes to execute in times to come too are eternal. Well this is what sums up the lady’s assiduousness and grit to make a distinctive and qualitative difference to the lives of people around her.

Salutations to her parents who aptly coined the name ‘Sudha’ for her, meaning pure and superb. No wonder, she has unwaveringly lived up to the belief and expectations of her parents.



Arjun Feroz Khan-Hero in reel and real life

The role of Arjun in the magnum opus ‘Mahabharat serial’ catapulted him to instant stardom, and won him boundless adulation from every nook and corner of the country. Born as Feroz Khan in the lineage of Afridi Pathans, it was the portrayal of the character ‘Arjun’ the mighty Pandava warrior that inspired this dashing Mumbai based actor to prefix ‘Arjun’ before his real life name for good. When BR Chopra’s epic ‘Mahabharat Serial’ became an overnight rage all throughout the nation during the late 1980’s, it brought incalculable fame to this Oxford educated young man more than anyone else. Not the ones to get carried away, Arjun knew that if he was the chosen one, it also insinuated that he had to thank destiny by playing a pivotal role in society and towards mankind in general. A great Samaritan that he had always been, he instantly pledged himself for the larger than life cause. And while curtains came down on the popular serial after a golden run of three years, there was just no looking back for this strong willed actor who has since then, stood resolute in his grit to essentially live up to the ideals, ethos and virtues of Arjun, the invincible archer in his actual life.       




A successful exporter, an acclaimed actor, feted singer, and above all, a die hard philanthropist, he has been in the selfless service of the downtrodden and the underprivileged segments since the last 20 years. And what really sets him apart from the rest is that he has never felt the impulse all these years to ever float an organisation, or a NGO for that matter. His altruistic acts of charity and nobility have always been low profile as a policy, but their everlasting impact and ramifications have aptly struck resonance with the distraught ones. From rendering motivational and comforting speeches to distributing blankets, food items, books and clothes among the destitute, forlorn old folks, blind kids and orphan girls, Arjun is a hero for all such hapless beings in real life too thanks to his humanitarian gestures from time to time. The three issues that he has been relentlessly pursuing since last many years have been ‘women empowerment’, addressing grievances of old age homes, and providing better amenities and lifestyle to the ‘girl child’. For his exemplary contribution in the field of social work, and especially women empowerment, he has been felicitated and honoured many a times. Shares the man himself with his usual flamboyant panache, “Life’s been extremely kind to me, and this is what has roused me to reciprocate the same compassion with so many distressed beings around me.  To begin with, I was appalled to see the repression of women who had to simply bear the brunt of their spouses when they opposed their mindless drunken ways. It takes pride to share that I addressed one such group in a slum in Delhi, and advised them to show a collective show of strength when their spouses came home in an inebriated state. The strategy worked wonders, and bolstered me to continue with my mission unstintingly. In my interactive meetings with large groups of orphan girls, I sing, dance with them, and also inspire them by sharing how I eventually landed the role of Arjun for myself in an extremely intense competition that saw me pitted against as many as twenty three thousand candidates in various rounds of auditions and screen tests. The moral of the story being that if I could do it, so could these girls, whom I can safely vouch for, seeing the great promise in their eyes. Since most of them are my daughter’s age, I feel an extra sense of onus on me to ensure that they get the right direction and guidance so as to help them stand on their feet, and make a mark in life. Such precious lives seriously deserve to lead a worthy life, and I am determined to realize this dream. I have to be in Mumbai for work related assignments, however my heart is in Delhi where my daughter stays. Since home is where the heart is, I would prefer calling Delhi my home, all the more also because the city has constantly stirred me to remain connected with the people in need and despair.”


A versatile person, Arjun is undeniably a man of all seasons being a great singer, successful actor, anchor, doting father, and most significant of all, a never say never die crusader for those in suffering. A key member of Indian People’s Theatre Association (IPTA), Arjun has worked in 127 films besides numerous stage shows in India and overseas. At present too, he has his hands full with about four good films slated for release next year. However, what really matters to him, and gives him the real gratification is when he is able to bring a cheer on the face of grim looking beings.  

“Nothing more enthralling than the ‘euphoria’ when you are the cause of someone’s happiness. I have no doubts that if big names like Shah Rukh, Aamir Khan, Ajay Devgn and Sanjay Dutt too join hands, we can probably adopt few villages, and turn things around for them. I am optimistic of a positive outcome in times to come. Merely doing Kanya Poojan during Navratra’s won’t suffice, for we need to complement and implement that reverence towards little girls with some concrete action plan. Playing your ‘Karma’ is important which is why I have incessantly volunteered myself for the cause of pulse polio campaigns, old age homeless, advising family planning measures to illiterates, and ensuring little girls actually avail of the free, ompulsory education. It is purely Allah’s wish that I dedicate a good proportion of my earnings from films and other projects to the welfare of forlorn, and my struggling kith and kins. And I bow my head in absolute veneration to Allah. Amen”, cheers Arjun.

A hero in reel as well as real life..that’s Arjun unplugged for all his friends, fans, and well wishers….


    Living a dream of one billion...


    Ever since a country of one billion was introduced to the fascinating world of internet or the web magic, it’s been one giant leap for mankind. With these astounding new age inventions, life for the common man has transformed into a whole new world of exciting dream come true options. A ‘web portal’ comprising a detailed info on various significant issues alongside relevant breaking news and other key segments such as online forums and social networking is undeniably, one of the most distinctive usage being proffered by the web. Albeit, the print and the broadcast media have an enviable edge over other forms of media, cyber media’ meaning the online medium too enjoys its exclusive merits over the electronic as well as the print media depending upon the area, its gentry and other relatable factors such as the strategic significance of the place to which a particular web portal caters or primarily focuses on. The core purpose of a web portal is to help the millions of internet users all over the globe draw advantage through the data and information provided on it. One of the main advantages that a vertical or a horizontal portal has over the electronic and the print media is in context of the interminable aspect, which in simpler terms means that the data on a web portal can always be accessed at merely a click of the mouse, or the button unlike in the case of electronic, where the image alongside the information remains for only a brief stint. In case of newspapers too, the probability of news preservation is relatively less when compared with the information on the website owing to the fragileness of a newspaper. The other manifested and notable merit that a web forum holds over others is the quintessentially pivotal option of having information and news constantly updated and modified in order to keep the portal abreast with the latest, and in sync with the pace of breaking news.



    Gajanan Mali...Living a dream of one billion....


    Whilst talking about the countless benefits of web, websites, and their indispensable impact on people’s lives today, one is compelled to bring the indefatigable, Gajanan Mali (A Post Graduate in Commerce and Economics) into this invigorating discussion. A simpleton from Kolhapur, Mali immigrated to the capital city Delhi way back in the 90s, and since 2001 has been happily settled in Greater Noida which he now calls his second home after Kolhapur sans any qualms. At the very onset, Mali was vexed of how the twin cities of Noida and Greater Noida lagged behind in terms of the “quintessential cultural vibrancy” despite possessing every vital component of a modern day conurbation.


    ....Giving away prizes at St Joseph's school

    Elucidating more, the staunch believer of social networking - Mali points, “When I shifted my base to Greater Noida in 2001, it pained to see a marvelous cosmopolitan city like Noida and Greater Noida being devoid of any vivacious cultural fiber. Hailing from a lineage of go-getters and achievers, I knew destiny had a role especially carved for me, to bridge the gap between like minded denizens of this affluent, yet dormant city. Being sound with the intriguing ways of the web technology only helped me in my mission. Furthermore, I was certain that the best possible way to bring masses on one forum would be through the remarkable medium of a stimulating web portal. Thus, genesis of and happened, which in the present day scenario has become the gateway, and in literary sense, the ‘lifeline’ of Noida and Greater Noida. My sole objective has been to connect people hailing from different walks of life irrespective of any divides so as to help them collectively address the grave, day to day issues of concern, and for raising the overall quality of life. Moreover, life’s practically worthless in societies and habitats divested of linkages, amity and camaraderie which is why I have made a sincere strive for forging an everlasting bond amongst city denizens. Although I have miles to go, the cheering factor is that the launching has been incredibly wonderful. People have taken extremely positively to my concept of staying connected through these two portals primarily because there is so much in the offing for the end user such as a city overview coupled with latest happenings, press releases, public utility directories comprising a comprehensive database, online forums, useful links, blogs by senior media personalities, video archives, photo and video today section, who’s who list etc to complete the full circle.”


    ....Speaking at Seminar......

    The overzealous and philanthropic facet of Mali’s personality has earned him the sobriquet “Cultural Ambassador” from his coterie of special friends, colleagues, and relations. Be it any occasion, rhyme or reason, Mali epitomizes ‘24x7 connectivity’, a fact duly corroborated by the endless number of SMSes he keeps shooting off to his close friends all day long. The logic is simple to comprehend, as Mali puts it candidly, “Messages are just a way for remaining linked and hooked to our loved ones amidst the frantic lifestyles. It takes pride to state that as a team, we have organized numerous Health Camps, Blood Donation camps, Traffic Green Card Camps, Environment Quizzes, Cultural Programs, Voter list Camps, Voter Identity Cards camps, Seminars.”
    All for the society………..No wonder, the man lives, breathes, sings, and serenades to networking incessantly!!!

Aditya Ghildyal: A visionary with a missionary zeal


You come across personalities like Aditya Ghidyal not once in a while, but once in a lifetime literally speaking. Well what inspires to proclaim so is simply the fact that this man, a well known name in the corporate world, incidentally also happens to be an exemplary philanthropist (read acclaimed crusader). No wonder, this is why his friends often take a jibe at him, saying there’s much more to him and his persona than what meets the eyes. For unravelling the enigma called ‘Aditya Ghidyal’, one could commence by saying that he dabbles between two diverse fields namely ‘HR’ and ‘Social activism’. That he manages to unstintingly devote time and do justice to both loves of his life is truly praiseworthy mainly because in today’s extremely frenetic paced life, missing out on stringent deadlines and impossible targets is inevitable. Certainly not the case with the suave, soft spoken Aditya, who over the years seems to have not only mastered the time management skills, but has also perfected the art of successfully juggling between medley of tasks, projects and assignments. No mean exaggeration, this is why he has been hailed with epithets like ‘protagonist’ and ‘torchbearer’ for being a towering personality for countless young minds that come in seek of his astute guidance.

A highly educated corporate professional, an acclaimed activist, a marvellous ambassador of peace and culture, feted anchor, voracious speaker, die hard philanthropist, and above all, ‘a great human being and a friend to be’... well this is how this sterling personality ideally needs to be described and introduced as...



Addressing garthering on Anniversary......22nd October 2008


As an iconic role model, Aditya has mentored myriads of talented freshers and youngsters on the threshold of their career. His take is incredibly laudable. “As a God fearing simpleton from Village Dang, Srinagar, Pauri Garwhal, it’s perpetually been my earnest desire to ensure that the precious talent of the city does not go futile or untapped. To be candid, it continually ached me as a young graduate when I spectacled metro cities blessed with all privileges and opportunities, too crippled with the scourge of unemployment. As expected, joblessness paved the way to unprecedented levels of frustration and angst. This proved to be the turning point since I knew destiny beckoned me to pledge myself unconditionally towards the field of HR. As a result, I ensued my B.Com, L.L.B Degree (Lucknow, University) with a MBA in HR from IMT, Ghaziabad. Hands on my heart, I take pride in sharing that in all these years of my illustrious career, I have ardently strived to mentor youngsters and job seekers that come in touch with me sans any vested interests or inclination. A brief one on one enables me to vet their merits and shortcoming following which I guide them with the apt solution. Nothing more gratifying and blissful than being the cause of happiness for youngsters when they land themselves a good opening with my little advice”, shares Aditya.

Try conversing with him on ‘recession and diminishing job openings’, and you are bound to get chastised for sparing a thought on such bunkum issues. For someone who believes in solutions and not problems, Aditya has steadfastly asserted on numerous occasions that there are plethora of job options for the qualified, meritorious and deserving candidates. 

Laments Aditya, “Why do we get going only when the going gets tough? Even after 64 years of independence, we fail to live up to the ideals of peace, harmony and brotherhood. As neighbours and fellow residents, we hardly do anything when we see them in distress.  Let us live up to the ideals of Diwali every year by spreading love, harmony and peace all around 365 days a year. Let there be no space for any hatred and malice. Let us light all diyas and candles in unison so that our bonding becomes everlasting and eternal. Why do we get together only during silent candlelight marches in seek of justice and turbulence? Why do we have to be constantly reminded that the real charm of Diwali is in living like true Samaritans which is by helping people in pain, sorrow and distress. Let us rekindle our lost love for our fellow neighbours by celebrating Diwali with all of them. Coming to the issue of women empowerment, we need to be reminded that reverence towards women is equivalent to worshipping the Almighty. Such is the quintessential power of women that they can move many a mountains and inspire ordinary armies to glorious victories over mighty, Machiavellian enemies. Not to forget, the ageless proverbial, “Behind every man’s success, there is a woman.”


Honouring Supdt. of Police Shri R K Verma .22nd October 2009

Prior to being an integral part of the New Holland Fiat India Pvt Ltd family, Greater Noida, for the past 13 years, Aditya has worked with DCM DAEWOO, DAEWOO MOTORS UP, India.  His leadership traits and astounding visionary skills propelled him to being nominated as the President of AGNI (Association of Greater Noida Industries). This appointment has entailed him to play a pivotal role in Safety & Security, Water, Electricity, Labour, Housing etc. He has been relentlessly undertaking the key Uttar Pradesh causes concerning the welfare of HR Industrial Units in Greater Noida much to the delight of all his colleagues and well wishers. Another feather in the cap for the mercurial Aditya has been his immaculately organised, path breaking Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives that have done a world of good to the lives of many a despondents as well as members of the downtrodden and under privileged strata of the society. That his endeavours have more often than not been emulated in policy as well as in implementation by other leading corporate houses of the city speaks volumes about the stature of this man.  

An issue that has eternally been close to his heart and soul is that of the ‘Girl Child’. Taking a leaf from the books of his forefathers, he has pledged himself for the noble cause and mission of providing the young girls from the minority sections of the society with decent amenities like ensuring their Education ensued with vocational training and helping them get jobs to subsequently getting them married. For efficiently organising and streamlining the day to day affairs of this humane cause, an organisation named ‘Shikhar’ was conceived by few like minded friends. Upon persistence, Aditya assumed the charge of the Vice Presidents, a responsibility that entails him to do a lot of running about for turning ideas, intent and passion into reality and concrete results. His work involves rendering motivational and comforting speeches, distributing blankets, food items, books and clothes among the destitute, forlorn old folks, blind kids and orphan girls. For his remarkable contribution in the field of social work, and especially women empowerment, he has been felicitated and honoured many a times. That he is a man of all seasons and reasons is a well known veracity, classic instance being his affiliations with myriads of prestigious concerns. He is an Advisor for (Gateway of Noida), (Gateway of Greater Noida) and (Employment Exchange of India). Then he is the Vice President of INDIAN JOURNALIST FOR INDIAN PEOPLE which has ‘Peace and Harmony’ as its guiding motto, and comprises a perfect blend of the Media fraternity, professionals from diverse fields and the Corporate biggies. Then he is serving as the Board of Director for CENTRE FOR CONFLICT RESOLUTION AND HUMAN SECURITY. The members of this origination are involved in organizing regular meetings, seminars, conferences where in eminent speakers brainstorm on how common citizens can play a pioneering role in resolving ‘grave conflicting issues and situations’ that if unrestrained, impose a serious threat to the well being of our great nation.

As a proactive member of the SARVA DHARMA SANSAD (PARLIAMENT OF RELIGION), Aditya has played an noteworthy role in the field of education for the under privileged and school drop outs. In the Uttrakhand Movement, Aditya gave a call alongside other members for the Jail Bharo Movement in 1994 at Srinagar, Pauri Garwal. He also happens to be on the Core Organising Team of Shilpostav 2009, Noida.

The phenomenon known Aditya Ghidyal indubitably wears many hats, with the most momentous being his project named ‘Shikhar’ which irrefutably has catapulted him to the zenith implying the top most summit or the peak. No wonder, the never say never die missionary lives truly up to the connotation of his first name ‘Aditya’ which means ‘Lord of the Sun’. Like the ever blazing, radiating sun, this man too is no less an ‘inferno’ when it comes to making his way through all encumbrances, and life’s incessant challenges, consequently snatching victory from the jaws of defeat.

For all his accomplishments and tireless efforts, he deserves an all out standing ovation!! 



Nature incessantly inspires this child prodigy


Come November this year, and Aadil Anand of the prestigious Vasant Valley School, Vasant Kunj, will be turning ten. While he may seem to be just another bubbly school going lad, this is precisely where one needs to draw the lines, for it has been his sheer artistic ingenious that differentiates him from the rest. Quite aptly, this is why describing him as a ‘child prodigy’ would alone do justice to his astounding versatility. Born into a family of art connoisseurs, creativity flows naturally when this young boy gets going with his painting brush, water colours and canvass. A die hard fan of famous American landscape painter Thomas Cole, Aadil has already displayed his prowess and has a definite mission to make a mark for himself in the big glamorous Art world. While kids of his age would normally aspire evince a keen penchant towards donning the olive green or becoming iconic sportspersons, Aadil remains consistent about his final destination.
Says the budding artist himself, “I draw my inspiration from Nature. Thanks to my globe trotter parents who’ve taken me around to some of the most wonderful places around the world that have immensely gone to shape my overall thought and creative process. I am an effective learner, who can assimilate new ideas and combined with my creative imagination can come up with enchanting landscape designs. I am hardworking, and persevere to excel in the goal I set for myself. Not only am I ready to accept new challenges, but also determined to win situations. Both my parents hail from large families and all their respective member relations are doing extremely well in own capacities. Their pious human nature is a rich virtue that forms as the very basic essence to all of us in life.”

Shares Aadil’s mother Meenakshi, “Aadil’s landscape paintings seem to have a natural allure which is precisely why they are so irresistible. What ever he does, he does it ‘Dil Se’ (with sheer passion and with complete élan). My mother in law, a senior bureaucrat is the one who actually needs to credited for discovering and motivating the artist in him. She has always been a pillar of strength for all of us, a towering personality who leaves no stone unturned in honing and encouraging the creative talents of young tender minds as well those seeking to make Art as a professional career. As Aadil’s mother, I strongly feel that Art is a key constituent of holistic education, which in turn is extremely crucial for the all round development of a child in today’s cauldron. Visual Arts is perhaps one of the best medium to express yourself efficiently and freely, in fact much better than what probably can be conveyed or communicated through words, or any other genre of expression.”

With the burgeoning number of Art Galleries in the city, it spells not only music for artists aspiring to showcase their workmanship and creativity on an elegant pedestal with a more global audience, but also distinctly insinuates that the demand and need for buying and flaunting creative masterpieces in homes and other establishments too has tremendously gone up in the recent times.

The day is not far when more and more Art Galleries in town will find it worthwhile and lucrative to house the works of wonder kids like Aadil who find ‘Art’ as the perfect conduit for venting their mind, thoughts, feelings and emotions. Well if all goes well, we would all be witness to a novel sort of Art Renaissance happening in our historical city.    


The perfect cultural ambassador


The perfect cultural ambassador Retired Lt. Col. Ashok Sharma is a fauji with a distinction for whom life in the ‘Olive Green’ shall always remain an everlasting saga to cherish for times to come. It provided him a unique opportunity for learning, experimenting and exploring life from myriads of diverse quarters. Besides his father who retired as a Lt Col, his maternal as well as paternal grandfather did not only don the revered uniform, but also happened to be a war heroes. Well fauj has surely been a tradition in Ashok’s family.



Shares the man with his charismatic smile, “My family has always been a perennial source of inspiration for me. Especially, my grand fathers who got duly rewarded for their heroism for having done the country proud with their dare devil acts. I have always strived to imbibe the exemplary virtues of these two iconic personalities in every possible facet of my life. By God’s grace, I feel fortunate to have contributed my bit by playing a key role in maintaining supply chain during the crucial Kargil war against Pakistan.”

An Economics (Hons) graduate, Ashok has always been an all rounder and a multifaceted personality gifted with enormous talent and versatility. A versatile theatre actor and orator, he got voted as the best NCC Cadet. Besides, he is an accomplished harmonium player, and a script writer. During the time when he was managing life It was his sheer creativity and undying passion for music and creative writing that not only sustained him, but actually coasted him past the shore in the most daunting of times when he was miles away from family.

Over the years, fauj has instilled in him the perfect balancing act between professional and the creative life. Ashok always craved to be a cultural ambassador for his country for helping bridge the great divide’s with other nations by consolidating mutual bonds through cultural ties.


Supporting him at every tread in this crucial phase of life has been his better half Sanjana who migrated to USA on a cultural exchange visa few years ago solely for realizing his dream. As a couple, they not only aspired to promote Indian art and culture overseas, but also envisioned to accomplish far reaching realms in the field of Jugalbandi that is all about fusion of two diverse cultures.

Points the indefatigable fauji, “India with its rich cultural mosaic has always been the cynosure of everyone’s eye and we need to seriously realize that strong cultural bonds can not only lead to overall economic prosperity of nations, but also helps in making the world a better place to live in. During my frequent visits to U.S.A, I have widely studied their art and cultural mores.”

The turning point of his life came in Rishikesh when he received blessings from Sri Sri Ravi Shankar for becoming an Art of Living Teacher in appreciation of his ‘Art of Living’ courses that he organized for students and staff in Provisions Academy, North Carolina where his wife, Sanjana is enrolled as a Science Teacher.

Ashok has conducted numerous “Nav Chetna Shivirs for soldiers in various army units that are programs imparting simple breathing exercises and meditation to participants for combating stress. In addition, he was also amongst the 78 fortunate participants in the prestigious management course at IIM- Bangalore comprising officers from all the tri services.

Albeit he’s now moved to Sanford, USA, to reunite with his family, the missionary zeal and flame in him remains which is precisely why he’s always striving to be the perfect cultural ambassador for his great motherland. His yoga teachings are a great source of rejuvenation for the young brigade. Not only is he a vibrant participant in the cultural extravaganzas, but goes that extra mile to leave an everlasting mark epitomizing the rich Indian culture, ethos and its astounding legacy.

As for the era gone by, he cheers, “Given an opportunity to begin life afresh, I would love to be re-born as a soldier. Once a fauji, always a fauji. And let me state, nothing beats the spirit of donning the uniform for your country.”

Vijayeta and Rahul Chandola- Elegance personified

 “East or west, home is the best” goes the ageless adage. While home is the perfect retreat after a day’s harrowing ordeal in office or at work, there is all the distinction between an ordinary house and the one with mesmerizing ambience and interiors. Not only do the latter ones escalate their owner’s esteem in society, but also happen to be perennial repository of boundless energy, rejuvenation and positive thought process. The dynamic forces behind such mind blowing astounding homes deserve all round kudos for their sheer vision and ingeniousness. Talking about such exemplary set of beings, one is inspired to make a special mention of the dashing husband wife duo of Rahul and Vijayeta Chandola who have taken the city by a storm ever since they took to the profession of interior designing and project consultants some ten years ago. Well as luck would have it, the suave and the soft spoken husband delved into interiors only after marriage, and that too inspired by his charming wife who forayed into this profession some fourteen years ago.

Rahul and Vijayeta had dated for good eight years before taking the final plunge and choosing to tie the nuptials. Henceforth, the remarkable chemistry between the two ensured not only smooth coordination and execution of their projects, but also unprecedented success for the two passionate soulmates. Both are members of the Institute of Interior Designers and vibrantly participate in key seminars, symposiums and events related to their profession. For his outstanding contribution and accomplishments, Rahul was honoured with a special award in USA by American Express.

Quiz them on what really is their success mantra, and pat comes the reply from the ace designer Rahul, “We are experts in our respective fields, and this is what clinches the battle for us. The onus of the real creative part which is ‘designing’ rests on my creative wife, while the onsite visits and the project execution part is my responsibility.  We perfectly supplement each other at work front as well as even on the home turf.  Come to our sweet little home, and you will see how both of us partake equally in all domestic errands. I would like to give due credit to my alma mater DPS RK Puram too because of which I have been blessed with an endless coterie of friends. Sky is the limit as far as creativity and elegance is concerned, so one has to be a real workaholic in order to satiate the tastes and penchants of his or her prestigious clientele. The interior designers have to work in tandem with the architect, and the builder for achieving a win win situation.”

Interior Designing being a highly sought after industry, it involves immense tremendous challenge and competition thus implying that those in this profession have to be really on their toes, doing continual upgrading of their skills to remain in the race. It involves the idyllic amalgamation of both creative as well as technical expertise besides the systematic methodology comprising thorough research, analysis, and integration of actual know how into the actual creative process.

“Our day starts at 5 am in the morning when we commence bracing up for the day ahead along with our kids. After dropping the kids to school, we get going with our office work by sharp 8 am. Our success attributes to our disciplined lifestyle and immaculate time management skills. Respect time if you wish destiny to be kind to you! Our work involves exhaustive brainstorming sessions with our revered clientele as well as preparing exclusive blueprint designs for them. The aim is not monetary profits, but on the contrary attaining total customer satisfaction. This in turn helps us fetch repeat business as well as new clients from the referrals of old existent ones”, shares Vijayeta.

The parameters of success depend solely on the final evaluation of their client’s assessment following which they raise a toast. In the modern times, interior designers play a colossal role in fulfilling the lofty dream plans and ambitions of those aspiring ‘breathtaking homes with resplendent ambience’. Another USP being that their enticing designs usually exceed the expectations of their customers all thanks to the diligent and tireless efforts of this indefatigable couple.      

Work being worship, Chandola’s go about their projects with remarkable passion and zeal. Their clientele comprises a mixed segment from the big corporate houses to decking up the homes of industrialists, exporters, business magnates and a long list of old comrades and pals who find their concepts just irresistible. The notable clients in the private segment being American Express, Ensto, GM Locomotive etc while in the government, there is the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA)  besides many more prestigious ones.

Socializing has been a vital factor in getting good business volumes for this ‘fairy tale couple’ who staunchly believe that sincerity and passion alone hold the key to success in the professional world.

The apple of their eyes and their inspiration are their sweet twins, a son and a daughter studying in DPS RK Puram. No wonder, a mere visit to their home leaves you spellbound so much that you simply feel like beseeching them to redo your house as well.


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Royem Developers
D-131, Dr Ambedkar Colony, Andheria Mode, Chattarpur, New Delhi-110030


RAGHAV DATTA-Zindagi na milegi dobara

He may be all of 19, but that does not stop him from dreaming and aspiring big time. The immensely versatile Raghav Datta, a hardcore Delhite is surely a revelation, and someone you bump into only once in a while. The handsome hunk developed an instant fancy towards playing guitar some six years ago, and since then there’s been no looking back for him. He surely enjoys and revels in the adulation he receives after his performances at various forums in schools, college, malls, clubs and restaurants.

While guitar has been first love, he also happens to be a vibrant crusader. In the first instance, the two passions of his life may seem poles apart, but Raghav can instantly sketch the great parallel between the two apparently diverse fields.Says the indefatigable guitarist, “They are both ‘performing arts’ for if you play good guitar, then you’d always like to flaunt it by performing before a packed audience. Similarly, if you’ve resolved to set the flaws in the prevalent system straight, you need to set a precedent and go public with your ideology, which is again a form of ‘performing arts’. I feel strongly about certain pertinent issues which is perhaps why destiny blessed me with a ‘skill’ that could add more wings and feathers to my desire for turning things around me. Though I missed out seeing the two most powerful icons of our country in their prime, namely Raj Kapoor and Atal Bihari Vajpayee, I have always admired them for their trend setting accomplishments. One being an unrivalled showman of his times, and the other being a voracious speaker who was best at alluring crowds in unprecedented numbers. The beauty in both the cases being the elan with which these two super men went about executing their usual chores.”

That Raghav is a gifted boy is a well known veracity amongst his close coterie of friends and relations. Being the only child of his parents, he has quite a task up his sleeves, chiefly because he duly realizes that he shall always be the cynosure and centre point of their attention. All the more, since he hails from a reputed lineage, and because he staunchly believes ‘Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara’, thus connoting that whatever needs to be accomplished, has to be done so in this lifetime”.



The lows and the highs of life turned him towards guitar which became the perfect vent for his feelings and frustrations. His band named “Coffee Makers” is quite a rage among the youngster brigade of town. During his concerts, the cheering crowds does raise the adrenaline, but he is candid to voice that contentment would come only when he has been successful in linking his music to the social crusades that he has undertaken. He feels naturally drawn towards the ecology, greens and fitness regimes which precisely explain his strong penchant for carving playing grounds, neatly laid out jogging and walking tracks. 


The need of the hour is to involve youngsters into the RWA in order to infuse new thrust and momentum to the existent pace of civic affairs. I am ready to spare time for the social activities, sans any avarice for a plum RWA post. It is distressing to note that the root cause of most of the modern day life threatening diseases and ailments is due to a sedentary lifestyle and incessant stress levels. Well, what does one really do when you don’t have good greens and parks in your neighborhood? The onus is on the local inhabitants to put up a combined effort for developing playing fields and walking tracks out of the existent piece of public land. Being the songwriter of my band, the lyrics of my new song will convey the quintessential significance of fitness and greens. The legendary Billie Joe Armstrong is a perennial source of inspiration for me”, points Raghav.

No wonder, the man means serious business, and has his eyes set for many pathbreaking goals!

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Agra and Noida are the two loves of my life, the former being my birth city, and the latter for giving me boundless adulation and recognition from its inhabitants hailing from all walks of life. While it’s pretty easy to describe others, the challenge arises when it comes to self description. Nevertheless, I shall strive to make an honest and sincere endeavour apropos the same. I am an entrepreneur, counselor, activist, astrologer, numerologist, Vaastu and Feng Shui expert, gem therapist, in short a multifaceted personality as my friends define me. Albeit, it feels good to be showered with compliments for donning many hats, I feel more elated when people hail me as a ‘philanthropist’ since nothing seems to be more gratifying or enthralling than to indulge in selfless service. In today’s hullabaloo and turbulent times, we hardly spare time for altruistic missions. It’s not the lack of good intent that stops us from indulging in noble deeds, but the poor time management skills that prevents us from being the redeemers to hapless beings. So as I describe my different personas, I would clearly accentuate that I am extremely keen to establish my identity as an exemplary Samaritan keeping in mind the colossal suffering engulfing our world. I have always played my role in mitigating the grievances of people that come in touch with me through counseling and patient hearing. As an astro guide, I consider myself successful only when I have been able to generate a smile on the face of those flocking to my place in sheer distress. I have saved many a marriages from getting dissolved. A good expert astrologer is one who not only precisely forecasts the future, but is also able to suggest remedies for coping with certain untoward eventualities of life. Meditation according to me is the best panacea in any turmoil of life, and this is why I advise regular mediation to those reposing faith on me.   

Though I learnt the finer nuances of astrology and other related fields under the tutelage of my noted Guru, I was never serious on taking this passion to a logical, professional level. However like the saying goes, “Fortune favours the brave”, I guess destiny too desired that I pursue the business of predicting people’s future course of life with the possible remedial measures, on a professional note. Well this is how the journey from a reasonably successful entrepreneur to an astro guide happened.
I maintain a rather simple lifestyle, shuttling between Agra and Noida on a fortnightly basis. Noida is indubitably my second home now, and with every passing day, the bond is only consolidating all the more. As regards my role as an activist, I have been instrumental in initiating noteworthy rainwater harvesting projects, tree plantation drives, besides creating awareness about the ill effects of polythenes and drugs. My family comprises my better half, two lovely daughters, and a three year son.

By far, as a professional astro consultant, I have reason to feel content with my achievements till date primarily because my clinic is visited by people from far flung places. If I were one to enlist and attribute the various factors leading to my success, they would be Almighty’s blessings, my genuineness, thorough knowledge of my subject, and last but not the least, endless passion for the profession.

Contact Mob: 09808385673/ 8006949607.