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    Who’s who of Noida


    Government Departments, Media Persons and we the people of Noida frequently need the information / details about the honourable residents of Noida, from the fields of legislative, executive, judicial, media, international-national and state awardees, political leaders former who’s who and renowned persons from various walks of life. With a view to fill this information gap team is creating - who’s who - an online directory of honourable residents of this great city , with an objective  to always make available the most updated information in this regard with the support of the Noida community.


    Information in this directory would contain name, address, phone number, e mail and brief profile or website/blog link of the renowned persons in the specified categories. The collection and compilation of this information is a gigantic task, so we seek active help of the Noida community in providing the information for the categories we have created.


    You can also suggest addition of important categories or deletion of un-important categories from this directory. We would strive to keep this directory up-to-date with Noida community’s active support and help from time to time. Noida Media has a great role in highlighting this directory through their publications/news channels.


    Noida and media people can help us in a great way though circulating this directory link through e mail and also e mailing us this table after filing the information available with them also keeping us updated about the changes happening in the future. This may be e mailed at We may be updated on change of information/correction/deletion etc through sms or call at 9910280100 (Rajan G, Chief Executive Officer). This directory is already in public domain from New Who’s who section at ( ) .



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    Padma Vibhushan Dr .Purshotam Lal,



    Justice J S Verma


    Former Chief Justice of India


    Former Chief Justice of India Justice JC Verma is the man who devoted his whole life to the service of the nation while in the harness and is still carrying on the cause after his superannuation. His services in rendering justice paid him maximum reward when he was appointed as Chief Justice of India in 1989 and headed the apex court till 1998. After retirement in 1999 he was selected as chairman of National Human Rights Commission (NHRC).


    Even after retiring, instead of basking in the glory of his past achievements, he is putting in his best to make India shine on the global map.


    To sketch his dream he frequently travels across the country and interacts with young minds. He regularly renders his speeches in police camps, bar councils and educational institutes. He is also chairman of board of trustees of a medical research team along with scientists from London.


    He has always been supported by his wife Pushpa Verma who is a homemaker, and he has two daughters Rashmi a doctor and Shubhra, a  commercial artist. Justice Verma also has penned two books, 'New dimensions of Justice' and 'The New Universe of Human Rights'. He is fighting against the issue of corruption and criminalization of politics. Several renowned people have joined him in this initiative. 





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