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dr v s chauhan

Dr. Vijay Singh Chauhan,MBBS, MS (ORTHOPEDIC), CMD of PRAKASH HOSPITAL and Managing TRUSTEE of GAUTAM BUDDH HEALTH CARE FOUNDATION. After serving in the health care sector for 25 years, now interested to work for the National Welfare by entering into the political arena.....Bio-data

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Residential address : C-1, Sector-12,  Noida     Office address:: Prakash hospital Pvt. Ltd, D-122, 12A 12B, Sector- 33 Noida 201301                            
E-mail ID:,
Phone no: 95120-2505555, 66, 2504050 , Mobile no: +91-9810046962
Fax: 0120-2505757


Congress Noida Candidate - Dr V S Chauhan, CMD of Prakash Hospital files his inomination.



Dr V S Chauhan...While talking to Team we posed a question to him ...Why Noida voters should vote for him?..He says Noida voter is inteligent enough to chosse right candidate this time..We also asked him about the Noida's three najor problems and what he will do ...if elected as MLA... to solve these problems..He has identified Noida's Trafic Problem , Slum Development and the three major problems of Noida . He says he will take up the issues with the right Authoriu in an efective manner..

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Youth Congress Leader Alok Singh appeals for vote and support to congress candidates in G B Nagar.


VOTE TO CONGRESS IS SUPPORT TO RAHUL GANDHI Says youth Congress leader Vineet Choudhary.




Dr V S Chauhan With Voters26-02-12



Dr V S Chauhan With Voters22-02-12


Dr V S Chauhan With Voters-22-02-12

Dr V S Chauhan With Voters-21-02-12


Dr V S Chauhan With Voters-21-02-12


Dr V S Chauhan With Voters-15-02-12


Dr V S Chauhan With Voters


Dr V S Chauhan With Voters




I request to all the people of Noida to vote for CONGRESS,too see the change.I promise that i will work for the welfare of the people,and will solve the major problems of Noida.I promise all over development of Noida.


My sincere request to all the noidaites, that please check the profile of all thhe candidates,their educational background,work done in past,any police case against them etc and then vote,each and every vote is precious.We shhould not forget that vooting is not only our right its our duty also.

I specially requested Dr V S Chauhan who is a congress candidate from NOIDA Constituency to sign up on facebook,so that urban population who are mostly unaware of the candidates and the elections,must know that who all are contesting elections and get an idea about the candidate.I think from facebook they can get to know the candidates background,and will able to judge that who is better.Choosing the right candidate is very important.I hope urban voting percentage will increase.So add him so that you can judge candidates.
Dr V S Chauhan(congress candidate from noida) is the only candidate who do not have any case against him,all the other candidates from major party have cases against them except DR VS chauhan,So i request you to support the candidate who is well educated and has got clean background



For the upcoming Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Elections to be held in Noida on February 28, 2012, I request you to cast your precious vote in favour of Dr.Vijay Singh Chauhan as Congress Candidate. Indian National Congress has a mission to secure the dreams & concerns of the common man in the state of Uttar Pradesh (which has seen much instability, corrupt practices, regional & caste based politics.) This mission has never compromised the basic doctrines of Democracy, Secularism & Sovereignty.

Dr.V.S.Chauhan has obtained his Master of Surgery (Orthopaedic Surgery) 26 years back, heads Prakash Hospital, Noida as CMD and has steadily worked as an avid & genuine Social Worker, playing pivotal role in working for upliftment of masses. He is attached to several Non Profit organisations such as Gautam Buddha Healthcare Foundation. He is settled in Noida for the past 26 years and has dispatched his services to all strata of the society, having a huge loyal clientele.

For him, politics will never be a means to achieve any personal goal, and this political journey shall facilitate his role as a people’s person, working for the people: transparent, approachable and an answerable hard worker.

This appeal goes out to you, your family and your near & dear ones to join hands with the hand of Congress & vote for the best candidate.

Your vote is extremely important to the democracy; irrespective of the candidate of your choice, do cast your vote. It’s our answer to the questions we have

Dated: 29-01-2012


Today,Dr VS Chauhan(Noida Congress Candidate) campaigned in sector-61 Royal towers and Park View Appartments,where he requested them to vote for a candidate with a clean image and a strong educational background.He assured them that he will be accountable to each and every citizen of noida,and will work for the welfare of the people.

He also visited all the churches of noida,where he met various people who assured him their support.


Congress Noida President Vinod Pandey,NP singh,Youth leader Alok Singh,Youth Leader Atul Thakur,manoj aggarwal,subhash chauhan,vineet chaudhary,rishi sharma,ganesh jatav,Mohammad kamrudin,and Youth leader Ayush Chauhan were also present.


Dated: 28-01-2012

Today, Dr V.S. Chauhan (Noida Congress Candidiate) campaigned in Noida Sector – 71 requesting them to vote for Congress. He explained them that how important is to elect a clean and well educated candidate. He assured them that there will no traffic problem once he is elected.

Vinod Pandey, Pawan Sharma, Atul Thakur, Alok Singh, Rishi Sharma, Manoj Aggarwal, Subhash Chauhan, Shahzad, Dinesh Awana, Mohammad Kamrudin and Ayush Chauhan were also present there.


Press Release 26-01-12



Press Releases in Hindi...Launching of Election Office on 24-01-12