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Dr D.K.Garg, Chairman Ishan Institute of Managemnt & Technology, Greater Noida

His Excellency - Shri T.V. Rajeswar , The Governor of Uttar Pradesh...Dr D K Garg, Chairman, Ishan Institute presenting books written by him...Yadein, Phir Vahi Talash, Nishabd and Muaavaja .   

As the Executive Director as well as the Founding Chairman of one of the premiere educational institutes of Greater Noida, Ishan Institute of Management and Technology, Mr. D.K.Garg is at the forefront of reforming the quality of education in India. Through his 25 years of experience ranging in various academic posts, Mr. Garg has been going closer to his vision of increasing managerial ethos and help creating a corruption free India. His varied awards and achievements reflect his innate potential to constantly ameliorate. His book ‘Phir Vahi Talaash’ along with other publications, are eye openers in terms of the current socio-economic conditions of the society. It would be insufficient to say that Dr. Garg is not only a radical academician in his own right but also a man of many a talent.


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