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Dances of India - Avvai Tamil Sangam- The Great India Place

Dancing for a Cause

Sun, Agni (Fire), Vayu( Air), Jal(Water), Bhoomi(Land) &Aakash( Sky) are the natural energy resources we got and our presence on this earth is dependent on these resources.  Our ancient vedas and rituals preach us the need of preserving the important energy resources. In fact even some of our festivals are designed as a thanks giving measure to these resources. Tamil festival PONGAL is one of those festivals which is based on natural energy worship.  The pot made of Soil [representing earth] is kept on cook stove [representing fire] in a open place [ representing sky]. Milk & Water [ representingJal] is used for cooking and the steam coming out of this cooked Pongal  [representing Vayu] is then dedicated to the Sun god.  In this way our ancestors defined the ways and means to worship the nature and the energy.

Taking this a step forward, in order to create an awareness on preserving the natural resources by doing our best, Avvai Tamil Sangam& Charitable Society and The Great India Place join hands together in this Awareness campaign to Save Energy – The power to power up the world”. This campaign aiming to make every citizen of India aware of their responsibility to do their bit to save energy is brought to the people of Noida & Delhi NCR through the medium of Dance. Fourth of its series the Dances of India Festival every year not only deliver the display of the best of the classical dances of India but in addition make the visitors to know their duty to the country. Previous year programs were aimed at bringing awareness on “Organ Donation” , “Creating Greens” received great appreciation from  the audience and the media.

The Dance festival aimed at promoting the rich cultural strength of Indian Classical & Folk Dances is aimed at making the young generation aware of our Art & Culture which at par with any of the other dance forms and in fact more methodological and meaningful. Dance as a medium can be used to depict any message we want to pass it on be it an epic, a story or a simple message.  This festival offers platform to various dance schools in the NCR region to come forward and display the talent to a wider audience. The core message of this festival is “OUR CLASSICAL AND FOLK DANCE FORMS ARE THE BEST IN CLASS” and the younger generation should come forward to learn and practice with the similar zeal and interest shown in learning western forms.

In addition every year this festival brings in a theme state based dances. In 2009 it started of with Tamilnadu Cultural Festival depicting Classical & Folk dances of Tamilnadu, in 2010 the Classical dance forms of Keral and Folk dances of Rajasthan were given importance, in 2011 it was Punjab and Haryana which took the main stage and in 2012 the festival will be focusing on Classical and folk dances of Odissa  in addition to other dance forms. As a special attraction “Gotipua” will be performed by the professional dancers from Baba GorekhnathGotipua Dance Association, Puri, Odissa. This program will be on 28th January evening from 6.30 PM

Gotipua, the majestic folk dance of Orissa - India
In Oriya language, “Goti” means “single” and “Pua” means “boy”.
For centuries, the Gotipua dance has been performed in Orissa by young boys who dress up as female to praise Lord Jagannath and Lord Krishna.

The actual form of the dance is executed by a group of boys who perform acrobatic figures inspired by the life of Radha& Krishna. The boys start to learn the dance at an early age until the adolescence, when their androgynous look is fading.

29th January will have a special program from Guru BalakrishnaMarar’sVishnupriyaNatyalaya titled “AGNI” ,A SEMI CLASSICAL CONTEMPORARY INTER NATIONALDANCE TOGETHER ON ONE STGE BASED ON USE AND MISUSE OF AGNI FROM VEDA TO NEW ERA.This program will be highlight of the event and will be performed from 6 PM onwards.

In additionto these events and awareness campaign, the event will also help bring people interested in Car-pooling together. A stall where in those who look forward to carpooling can register and get benefitted. Even a car reduced from the road as a result of this campaign will contribute to save energy resources.

Unlike the common understanding that Save Energy is always related to saving Gas, Electricity and Petrol  this event informs the audience to be a 5 Star Citizens by taking a vow to make our environment a
Energy Saving – Use Energy conservative products]
Natural Resource Optimisation ( Water, Oil, Use of GPS to save time and energy)
Environment friendly material be used  [use Bio degradable materials]
Refuse, Renew, Reuse& Recycle in possible ways [Avoid Plastic bags, Reuse wood/paper/steel]
Go Green[Plant Greens, eat fresh food, Green Buildings]AND we are sure that
You Can Do it.

We would like to seek your help in promoting this event with a wide spread publicity for every Indian to know aboutthe event come forward to take the vow to save energy whis is the country’s need of the hour.





28-01-2012 Saturday ( 3 -8 PM)

3.00 to 3.30

30 mts

Instrumental Ensemble

Sh.SanjayMukerjee& Students of Kala Ashram

3.35  to 4.20

45 mts

YuvaSakthi - Dance Drama

Bhavani'sPrasannalya , Sec 93A, Noida,
Direction and choreography by Mrs.BhavaniAnanantharaman

4.25   to 5.10

45 mts

Bharatnatyam& Folk dances of Karnataka

Natyaarchana - Centre For Bharatnatyam, IP Extn, Delhi. Direction and choreography by Mrs.Ramapriya

5.15 to 6.00

45 mts

Classical  and Semi Classical Dances

Disciples of BhaminiSekharNrityalaya. Indirapuram. Direction and choreography by Mrs.BhaminiSekhar

6.05 to 6.50

45 mts


Nrityabharati School of Dance & Music, , Dwarka, Delhi Direction and choreography by XXXX

6.55 to 7.40

45 Mts

Gotipua, the Majestic folk dance of Orissa

Baba GorekhnathGotipua Dance Association, Puri, Odissa.

7.45 to 8.00

15 mts

Dances on Patriotic Songs

BhaminiSekharNritiyalaya, Indirapuram

29-01-2012 Sunday (3-8 PM)

3.00 to 3.30

30 mts

Karnatak Vocal Music with Bhajans
JugalBandi of Hindustani Tabla

Telugu Cultural & Festivals Celebration Committee (TCFCC)
ShrutiSargamSangeetSansthan, Indirapuram

3.30  to 4.15

45 mts

Classical & Folk dances of Odissa

Students of OdissiNrityaManjari, Noida.
Direction and choreography by Mr.Dinabandhu Dalai

4.15 to 5.00

45 mts


AayamInsititute of Classical Music & Dance, Mayurvihar Ph-2.
Direction and choreography by XXX

5.00 to 5.45

45 mts

Classical  and Semi Classical Dances

Disciples of BhaminiSekharNrityalaya. Indirapuram.
Direction and choreography by Mrs.BhaminiSekhar

5.45  to 6.30

45 mts

Odissi - Classical Dance of Odissa

Students of VaishaliKalakendra, Noida
Direction and choreography by Mrs.JyotiSrivatsava

6.30 to 8

90 mts



Direction and choreography by Sh. BalakrishnaMarar

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