Arjun vajpai is the youngest Indian to climb the Mt Everest...


Arjun Vajpai, the 16-year-old teen wonder from Noida who became India's youngest Everest hero, will be honoured by Nepal for his achievement on 29th May. He will be given a hero's welcome when he flies back to New Delhion on Monday when a procession of school children, well-wishers and family members will greet him. It will be followed by a public reception at the Noida Stadium by Navratan Jan Kalyan Society. .More.....

Arjun Vajpai (16 Year 11 Month 18 Days),is the youngest Indian National to reached the Top of Mt.Everest. Arjun Vajpai, Tshering Phinjo Sherpa and Nima Tshering Sherpa started from South Col (Camp IV 7950m) at 10:24 pm on 21 May and they reached the Top of Mt.Everest at 06:33 am (Kathmandu Time)on 22 May. He did the wonder at 06.18 hrs on Saturday ..outpacing Maharashtra’s Krushnaa Patil, who climbed the mountain last year at the age of 19.


Arjun is the Son of Capt. Sanjeev Vajpai and Priya Bajpai of Noida.Arjun, a class-XII student at Ryan international School, Noida, had fascination for trekking and mountaineering from childhood. He has undergone two years of training from Nehru Institute of Mountaineering.

Arjun Vajpai honoured in Noida.....

Navratan Jan Kalyan Society organised public felicitation to Arjun Vajpai on 31st May 2010 at Noida Stadium...



Mantropchhar for Arjun...




Shri Sanjeev Vajpai (Father), Arjun Vajpai , PriYa Vajpai (Mother), Ashok Srivastava, Karunesh Sharma...jusrt after the honour...





Diwakar Song for Arjun Vajpai



August gathering.....


Capt Sanjeev Vajpai father of Arjun Bajpai while talking to on Saturday morning said he is proud of Arjun...and so is the india...for his achievement...He thanked all those who supported in the endeavours of Arjun. He mentioned that at aboiut 6.25 am he got the message through Radio Signals..He had last time spoken to him at 12.30 pm on Friday...He was maintaining good physical and mental health he added.



Apa Sherpa, Climbing Leader of Eco Everest Expedition 2010 broke his own world record and reached the summit of the world’s highest mountain, Mt. Everest (8848m) for the 20th time at 08:34 am (Kathmandu Time) on 22 May 2010. He started from Camp IV(South Col 7950m) at 12 midnight on 21 May and reached summit along with Eco Everest Expedition Members (2)Mr.Arjun Vajpai, India (3) Miss Mamata Shoda - India (4)Mr.MikaPitkamaki, Finland, (5)Mr.Timo Allan Ilmari Jaatien, Findland (6) Mr.David Liano Gonzalez, Mexican (7)Mr. Pasang Temba Sherpa, Namche 7, Nepal (8) Mr. Pasang Rita Sherpa,Namche 9, Nepal (9) Mr. Phurba Tshering Sherpa, Namche 8, Nepal (10)Mr. Nima Tshering Sherpa, Khumjung 3,Nepal (11) Mr.Tshering Phinjo Sherpa, Khumjung 1, Nepal (12)Mr.Samden Bhote, Shankhawa 2, Nepal (13) Mr.Sonam Tshering Sherpa -Chaurikharka 1,Nepal and (14) Mr.Nawang Karsang, Khumjung 1,Nepal.


Ang Tshering Sherpa, Chairman, Asian Trekking (P) Ltd has extended hearty Congratulation to all the successful Mt.Everest and Mt.Lhotse Summiteers..

The Eco Everest Expedition is organized by Asian Trekking and focuses on climbing in an eco-sensitive manner and field testing different eco-sensitive methods to be adopted while climbing in the Himalaya.  This year, the expedition brought down to base camp nearly 5000 kilos of old garbage. The expedition has also brought down all the human waste produced by the expedition’s climbers and Sherpa. The expedition advocated for other expeditions to follow suit. In this effort, the Eco Everest Expedition also supplied other expeditions on Mt. Everest with Restop Bags (toilet bags).


A 13-year-old American boy Jordan Romero became the youngest climber to reach the top of Mount Everest on Saturday, coming one step away his quest to climb the highest peaks on all seven continents. Jordan Romero called his mother by satellite phone from the summit of the world's highest mountain, 29,035 feet (8,850 metres) above sea level.


Interview with Arjun Vajpai.....

You are the youngest Indian to scale Mount Everest. How does it feel?
I always dreamt of making it to the Everest, so here I am.

What made you take to mountaineering?
I was 10 when I had gone to my grandmother’s for a vacation. Some friends asked me to join them on a Sahyadri trek (in Pune). It lasted for three days and that’s how I developed a liking for the sport.

When did the idea of climbing the Everest hit you?
After completing the basic and advanced courses from the Nehru Institute of Mountaineering (Darjeeling), I scaled the India Garhwal Himalayas DKD2 (19,000 ft) in 2009 and the Island Peaks (21,000 ft) in Nepal this year. My instructors who motivated me to scale the Everest.

As a young boy, what were the difficulties you faced during the expedition?
Breathing was a major issue. The lung capacity of a youngster is less compared to an adult’s. Initially, I would pant after a few steps but the acclimatisation course helped me survive.
The problems one faces at high altitudes magnify for a young boy. Among them were loss of appetite, tough living conditions and survival, which was quite a task.

How difficult was it to stay sane?
I played around with the mind. During the last summit push, I was short on oxygen. So, I kept talking to myself all the way up.

Tell us about the toughest part of the expedition?
It has to be the steep ice wall that stands between Camp II and Camp III. We were on a descent when we came up against the ice wall. I held on to the ascending rope instead of the descending one and got stuck in a crevasse. I wasn’t able to see anything below my leg. I thought end was near when a sherpa came to my rescue from nowhere.

The best part…
The feeling after I dodged the Khumbu Ice Fall successfully. Khumbu is a very tricky glacier that awaits you right after Base Camp. Sometimes, the ice breaks and starts moving. It puts your mountaineering skills to test. I think I did well there.

Any lessons learnt?
Mountaineering teaches you a lot of things. Among them is how to take failure in your stride. It holds a mirror in front of you and tells you how to react in the face of death.

What's the most important thing to remember while climbing mountains?
Apart from the technicalities, members should back themselves because when you are up against nature, it's not about the individual anymore.




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