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    Hon’ble Sh. Yogi Adityanath, Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister with Sh. Aditya Ghildyal President of Greater Noida Industries

    I Was fortunate enough to have one to one interaction with Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister, Hon’ble Sh. Yogi Adityanath following a formal meeting with him in his Lucknow office today. I introduced myself as office bearer of Greater Noida Industries & thanked him for bringing huge investment in UP which would provide employment to the masses & lead to development. Further, I requested him to visit Greater Noida & interact with Industrial representatives who would be very excited to interact with your goodself. He expressed his keenness for the visit & assured me of the same in nearby future. Enclosed Today’s Pic


    By Sh. Aditya Ghildyal - Farmers/natives of Jewar village, where proposed Airport is to be built have been reluctant in picking compensation proposed in view of their acquired land. In a bid to resolve it firmly, Our DM, Sh. B N Singh had a meeting with all stake holders alongwith industrial representatives, Credai officials & concluded it on a very positive note on 15th Nov 2018 Thursday. I was also present in the meeting as President of Greater Noida Industries & going by account of things, Our DM, deserves all laurels for the way the meet was conducted & in initiating all possible fronts to ensure land acquisition process is hassle free & the interests of all are protected. Post this meeting, I sincerely hope for timely inauguration of Jewar Airport.



    In continuing Silver Jubilee celebrations of GNIDA, its Chairman Sh. Rama Raman  appreciated the role of its stakeholders for its all-round development in various aspects of Industrialization, Infra structure developments, Education & Corporate Houses.

    Speaking on its 25th year of formation in his Public Address in Greater M B Park, he applauded the role of Sh. Aditya Ghildyal in particular for developing a strong binding between Industries & the Authority. He has been instrumental in resolving crisis arising from time to time by volunteering himself for the cause. He has been reckoned as GNIDA - INDUSTRY INTERFACE.

    He earned an award for his distinguished services which was presented to him by Sh.Rama Raman, IAS, Chairman NIDA, GNIDA & YEIDA in the presence of Sh. Deepak Aggarwal, IAS, CEO, Greater Noida


    Mrs and Mr Aditya Ghildyal ..first to greet His Excellency , The President of India , Sh. Pranab Mukherjee’ on the eve of New Year of 2014






    Dear All,

    I am quite elated in sharing with you that we (Me & Wife) were the first to greet His Excellency , The President of India , Sh. Pranab Mukherjee’ on the eve of New Year of 2014. It was indeed , a great pleasure meeting President of India & Wishing him with all the warm feelings. He also, reciprocated us with similar feelings & we felt ourselves on top of the world. Pics attached (Dt 1st Jan 2014).





    New Holland Agriculture Cheque to Chief Minister of Uttrakhand Shri Vijay Bahuguna on 29th December, Sunday, 2013 for relief fund. ..being presented by Aditya Ghildyal.

    You may recall that one of the States In India ,UTTARAKHAND ( Dev Bhoomi-the Land of Gods ); a state in Northern part of the India had witnessed in the  an unprecedented spate of cloud bursting ,Flash floods resulting from extremely intense rainfall that has swept away mountainsides, villages and towns, thousands of people, animals, agricultural fields, irrigation canals, domestic water sources, dams, roads, bridges, and buildings — anything that stood in the way. Still , it has to go a long way in its rehabilitation process. We, in line with our practice to assist Govt./NGO’s presented a Cheque to Chief Minister of Uttrakhand Shri Vijay Bahuguna on 29th December, Sunday, 2013 for relief fund. Photos with CM enclosed.





    Aditya Ghildyal: A visionary with a missionary zeal


    By Bipin Sharma

    You come across personalities like Aditya Ghidyal not once in a while, but once in a lifetime literally speaking. Well what inspires to proclaim so is simply the fact that this man, a well known name in the corporate world, incidentally also happens to be an exemplary philanthropist (read acclaimed crusader). No wonder, this is why his friends often take a jibe at him, saying there’s much more to him and his persona than what meets the eyes. For unravelling the enigma called ‘Aditya Ghidyal’, one could commence by saying that he dabbles between two diverse fields namely ‘HR’ and ‘Social activism’. That he manages to unstintingly devote time and do justice to both loves of his life is truly praiseworthy mainly because in today’s extremely frenetic paced life, missing out on stringent deadlines and impossible targets is inevitable. Certainly not the case with the suave, soft spoken Aditya, who over the years seems to have not only mastered the time management skills, but has also perfected the art of successfully juggling between medley of tasks, projects and assignments. No mean exaggeration, this is why he has been hailed with epithets like ‘protagonist’ and ‘torchbearer’ for being a towering personality for countless young minds that come in seek of his astute guidance.

    A highly educated corporate professional, an acclaimed activist, a marvellous ambassador of peace and culture, feted anchor, voracious speaker, die hard philanthropist, and above all, ‘a great human being and a friend to be’... well this is how this sterling personality ideally needs to be described and introduced as...



    Addressing garthering on Anniversary......22nd October 2008


    As an iconic role model, Aditya has mentored myriads of talented freshers and youngsters on the threshold of their career. His take is incredibly laudable. “As a God fearing simpleton from Village Dang, Srinagar, Pauri Garwhal, it’s perpetually been my earnest desire to ensure that the precious talent of the city does not go futile or untapped. To be candid, it continually ached me as a young graduate when I spectacled metro cities blessed with all privileges and opportunities, too crippled with the scourge of unemployment. As expected, joblessness paved the way to unprecedented levels of frustration and angst. This proved to be the turning point since I knew destiny beckoned me to pledge myself unconditionally towards the field of HR. As a result, I ensued my B.Com, L.L.B Degree (Lucknow, University) with a MBA in HR from IMT, Ghaziabad. Hands on my heart, I take pride in sharing that in all these years of my illustrious career, I have ardently strived to mentor youngsters and job seekers that come in touch with me sans any vested interests or inclination. A brief one on one enables me to vet their merits and shortcoming following which I guide them with the apt solution. Nothing more gratifying and blissful than being the cause of happiness for youngsters when they land themselves a good opening with my little advice”, shares Aditya.

    Try conversing with him on ‘recession and diminishing job openings’, and you are bound to get chastised for sparing a thought on such bunkum issues. For someone who believes in solutions and not problems, Aditya has steadfastly asserted on numerous occasions that there are plethora of job options for the qualified, meritorious and deserving candidates. 

    Laments Aditya, “Why do we get going only when the going gets tough? Even after 64 years of independence, we fail to live up to the ideals of peace, harmony and brotherhood. As neighbours and fellow residents, we hardly do anything when we see them in distress.  Let us live up to the ideals of Diwali every year by spreading love, harmony and peace all around 365 days a year. Let there be no space for any hatred and malice. Let us light all diyas and candles in unison so that our bonding becomes everlasting and eternal. Why do we get together only during silent candlelight marches in seek of justice and turbulence? Why do we have to be constantly reminded that the real charm of Diwali is in living like true Samaritans which is by helping people in pain, sorrow and distress. Let us rekindle our lost love for our fellow neighbours by celebrating Diwali with all of them. Coming to the issue of women empowerment, we need to be reminded that reverence towards women is equivalent to worshipping the Almighty. Such is the quintessential power of women that they can move many a mountains and inspire ordinary armies to glorious victories over mighty, Machiavellian enemies. Not to forget, the ageless proverbial, “Behind every man’s success, there is a woman.”


    Honouring Supdt of Police Shri R K Verma .22nd October 2009


    Prior to being an integral part of the New Holland Fiat India Pvt Ltd family, Greater Noida, for the past 13 years, Aditya has worked with DCM DAEWOO, DAEWOO MOTORS UP, India.  His leadership traits and astounding visionary skills propelled him to being nominated as the President of AGNI (Association of Greater Noida Industries). This appointment has entailed him to play a pivotal role in Safety & Security, Water, Electricity, Labour, Housing etc. He has been relentlessly undertaking the key Uttar Pradesh causes concerning the welfare of HR Industrial Units in Greater Noida much to the delight of all his colleagues and well wishers. Another feather in the cap for the mercurial Aditya has been his immaculately organised, path breaking Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives that have done a world of good to the lives of many a despondents as well as members of the downtrodden and under privileged strata of the society. That his endeavours have more often than not been emulated in policy as well as in implementation by other leading corporate houses of the city speaks volumes about the stature of this man.  


    An issue that has eternally been close to his heart and soul is that of the ‘Girl Child’. Taking a leaf from the books of his forefathers, he has pledged himself for the noble cause and mission of providing the young girls from the minority sections of the society with decent amenities like ensuring their Education ensued with vocational training and helping them get jobs to subsequently getting them married. For efficiently organising and streamlining the day to day affairs of this humane cause, an organisation named ‘Shikhar’ was conceived by few like minded friends. Upon persistence, Aditya assumed the charge of the Vice Presidents, a responsibility that entails him to do a lot of running about for turning ideas, intent and passion into reality and concrete results. His work involves rendering motivational and comforting speeches, distributing blankets, food items, books and clothes among the destitute, forlorn old folks, blind kids and orphan girls. For his remarkable contribution in the field of social work, and especially women empowerment, he has been felicitated and honoured many a times. That he is a man of all seasons and reasons is a well known veracity, classic instance being his affiliations with myriads of prestigious concerns. He is an Advisor for (Gateway of Noida), (Gateway of Greater Noida) and (Employment Exchange of India). Then he is the Vice President of INDIAN JOURNALIST FOR INDIAN PEOPLE which has ‘Peace and Harmony’ as its guiding motto, and comprises a perfect blend of the Media fraternity, professionals from diverse fields and the Corporate biggies. Then he is serving as the Board of Director for CENTRE FOR CONFLICT RESOLUTION AND HUMAN SECURITY. The members of this origination are involved in organizing regular meetings, seminars, conferences where in eminent speakers brainstorm on how common citizens can play a pioneering role in resolving ‘grave conflicting issues and situations’ that if unrestrained, impose a serious threat to the well being of our great nation.


    As a proactive member of the SARVA DHARMA SANSAD (PARLIAMENT OF RELIGION), Aditya has played an noteworthy role in the field of education for the under privileged and school drop outs. In the Uttrakhand Movement, Aditya gave a call alongside other members for the Jail Bharo Movement in 1994 at Srinagar, Pauri Garwal. He also happens to be on the Core Organising Team of Shilpostav 2009, Noida.


    The phenomenon known Aditya Ghidyal indubitably wears many hats, with the most momentous being his project named ‘Shikhar’ which irrefutably has catapulted him to the zenith implying the top most summit or the peak. No wonder, the never say never die missionary lives truly up to the connotation of his first name ‘Aditya’ which means ‘Lord of the Sun’. Like the ever blazing, radiating sun, this man too is no less an ‘inferno’ when it comes to making his way through all encumbrances, and life’s incessant challenges, consequently snatching victory from the jaws of defeat.


    For all his accomplishments and tireless efforts, he deserves an all out standing ovation!! 



    Photo Gallery


    GSBA Honours Aditya Ghildyal



    Vice President of Association of Greater Noida industries (AGNI) and our Adviser Shri Aditya Ghildyal Ji being ...Honoured for socal service to the people of NCR Delhi Region by the Former Engineer-in-chief of Doordarshan Shri B K Dey on the occassion of Foundation Day of Graduate School of Business & Administration, Greater Noida - Top Business School of India- on 6th March, 2010 at GSBA Auditorium. Shri Ghildyal was presented with an Award of Honour, Bouquet and Shawl. Thanking the jury and Management of the school for this honour Shri Ghildyal advised students to look beyond their career and family....towards deprived classes, needy, neglected people, have nots the society. Dr P L Maggu while appreciating his social service through various organisations appealed the students to follow the path shown by him..Shri B K Dey showerred praise on Dr P L Maggu for setting an example of creating an academic empire single handedly and said that the students need to create and manage empires so that India becomes superpower by 2020.



    On this occassion Shri Ravi Shanker Ghildyal, CEO of UAE Based American Company delivered motivational lecture for the benefit of the students... Executive Director of the GSBA Dr P L Maggu, Management and Faculty, Students, Socialites, Media was present in large numbers who also extended greetings to Dr P L Maggu as it was also his birth day.


    Shri Aditya Ghildyal Ji, Adviser awarding certificates in ANNUAL DAY




    Presided by our Chief Guest Mr. Faiz A. Kidwai, IAS,


    Dy. Secretary, President of India  on Friday 26th February 2010, at


    Auditorium, Faculty of Engineering and Technology,


    Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi- 110025



    Shri Aditya Ghildyal Ji, Adviser presenting Medals on Annual Sports Day of SHIKHAR ORGANISATION FOR SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT A registered voluntary organization Held on On 21st February Sunday 2010, at 2 pm
    At Jamia Millia Islamia, Sports Ground, New Delhi- 110025



    With HER Excellency President of India Smt Pratibha devi Singh Patil....introducing Sushil Goswamy Ji...September 2009



    Shri Aditya Ghildyal being honoured by Shri Shravan Kumar, Sharma, District Magistrate, Gautam Budha Nagar, in Ek Shaam Parichowk Ke naam October 2008.



    Shilpostav 2009, Noida, Core Organsing Team...Shri Sanjay Chauhan, City Magistrate, Shri Aditya Ghildyal, Member of the Cultural Commiittee and Adviser, Shri Jyoti Prasad, District Inspector of Schools, Shri Deepak Agarwal, IAS, District Magistrate and Dr Sarika Mohan, IAS, Chief Development Officers, ready to welcome the chief guest...near the main stage...on inauguration day



    Chief Guest for Flag Hoisting at Jamia Millia in New Delhi ....15th August 2009



    Book Launch of His Holiness Radhanath Swami's “THE JOURNEY HOME”  Autobiography of an American Swami on 7th January 2010, 6PM at Lakshmipat Singhania Auditorium, PHD Chamber of Commerce & Industry, New Delhi..January 8 , 2010..Shri Aditya Ghildyal Ji adviser with His Holiness Radhanath Swami



    Chief Guest for Flag Hoistng at Aster Public school Greater Noida ....15th August 2009



    Video Gallery



    Guest of Honour in Ramleela 2009 at Greater Noida  




    Commenting on what he expects from would be M.P. in an interview...



    Aditya Ghildyal - Uttar Pradesh Assembly Elections 2012 likeluy Outcome



    Great India Place of Noida- VP Benu Sehgal in Face To Face with Adviser Aditya Ghildyal..



    Aditya Ghildyal speaking in Brahmakumaris wish bank inauguration.



    Aditya Ghildyal says - Greater Noida Industry Association unhappy with transfer of-Manoj Kumar CEO of Greater Noida



    Aditya Ghildyal on Noida Greater Noida expressway Toll Tax



    Aditya ghildyal speech in programme



    Shri Aditya Ghildyal , Vice President, AGNI, addressing Ram Devotees