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    Noida twin murders - Aarushi and domestic help Hemraj


    Aarushi case: CBI says all is not lost

    The last word is yet to be said on the Aarushi-Hemraj murder case. The latest in the series of twists and turns, after a shocking report

    that the vaginal swab samples of Aarushi had been switched, is that some of her DNA had been extracted after all...More


    Aarushi case: Rajkumar out on bail, accuses CBI of torture

    After being scolded by the court for not filing chargesheet in the Aarushi Talwar murder case, the CBI got another blow when the last accused in the case, Rajkumar was released on bail from the Dasna jail on Monday. After his release the 18-year-old former servant of Durranis, Talwar’s family friends, accused the investigating agency of torturing him.

    Released last night, Rajkumar broke down on seeing his relatives, who had come to receive him. “It is as though I am a bird and I can fly again,” he said.

    On being asked about CBI’s investigations he said, “Inspite of my requesting them to, the CBI never asked me about any missing mobiles or murder weapon, during my two narco tests. A CBI official showed me much of one of the two compact discs they made out of my tests. However, this did not have any reference to any mobiles or weapons. Even otherwise, they never asked me about any missing mobiles, but kept asking me to become an approver to frame Krishna and Mandal. The CBI wanted me to say, on camera, that Krishna and Vijay Mandal committed the murders. But, I refused.”

    “At times they would stretch both my legs out on the sides, level with the ground, and two men would sit on each leg to keep them that way. “It was agonisingly painful,” he said. He also claimed that CBI officials would tell him, “We will throw you from the fifth floor and say you committed suicide. Trying to scare me was one of the ways they tried to pressurise me.”

    A resident of Nepal, Rajkumar expressed his willingness to return to Kapilvastu. “Only after that will decide on what I should do with my life,” he said. (Source Zee News)


    Aarushi's parents meet CBI sleuths

    Perturbed at the infructous efforts of the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) to probe their teenaged daughter Aarushi’s murder, Rajesh and Nupur Talwar Wednesday met the investigators at the agency’s headquarters and sought justice for her.

    The CBI Tuesday conceded its failure to dig out material evidence in the murders of Aarushi and her family help Hemraj and said it was not charging anybody with the sensational crime.

    It also announced a reward of Rs.100,000 for clues leading to the evidence. “Aarushi’s parents came to the CBI headquarters regarding the investigations in the case,” a CBI official said without divulging any details of the meeting.

    Nearly four months after Aarushi was found murdered in her Noida home on May 16 — Hemraj’s body was found a day later — the CBI Tuesday conceded that it would not file a charge-sheet in the case anytime soon and would not oppose bail for the accused.

    CBI was to submit its charge-sheet before Wednesday to meet the 90-day deadline since the first arrest in the case — that of Aarushi’s father Rajesh Talwar on May 23. Dentist Rajesh Talwar, once a prime suspect in the murder of his daughter and domestic helpn Hemraj, Tuesday expressed disappointment over the CBI’s failure to file a charge- sheet.

    “We were hopeful that the CBI would file a charge-sheet on time,” Talwar told a news channel hours after the agency admitted it had no proof against the three men — Krishna, Rajkumar and Vijay Mandal — who were accused of involvement in the double murder.

    Krishna was a medical assistant to Rajesh Talwar, Rajkumar was the domestic help of Talwars’ family friends, and Mandal worked as a domestic help in the same neighbourhood.

    Mandal was granted bail by a CBI court in Ghaziabad last week.

    The CBI, which has been unable to trace the murder weapon and the mobile phones of Aarushi and Hemraj, has now declared a reward of Rs.100,000 for anybody leading it to the crucial pieces of evidence.

    Aarushi’s mobile phone was a black Nokia N-72 with the number 9910520630. Hemraj owned a Tata Indicom mobile set with number 9213515485.

    CBI has also sent letters rogatory to probe the Nepal links of the accused to locate some witnesses and the mobile phones of the deceased.

    The CBI, which took over the case May 31, has accused the three in the double murders on the basis of their narco-analysis tests - the only basis of its probe that is not admissible as evidence in the court. (Source ET)


    CBI not to file chargesheet in Aarushi murder case

    Ninety days after the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) started its investigation into the sensational Aarushi murder case it appears that the agency is still groping in the dark. In what surely is a major embarrassment for the investigating agency, the CBI on Tuesday said that it was not going to file any chargesheet in the double murder case as it had failed to collect corroborative evidence, leave alone the murder weapon, to prove the involvement of the main suspects.

    CBI said that a chargesheet will be filed only when it completes its investigation into the case. This disclosure is significant, as today is the last day for CBI to present its case in the court and press for charges against Krishna, Rajkumar and Vijay Mandal.

    The investigating agency, apparently under tremendous pressure, also announced a reward of Rs 1 lakh to any one who can provide crucial information about the murder weapon or the mobile phones of Aarushi Talwar and her domestic help Hemraj.

    CBI today said that they have conducted some scientific tests including the brain mapping, polygraph and the narco analysis tests on the main suspects; however it is still tracing the murder weapon.

    CBI also raised suspicion that the weapon used in the murder could be a sharp-edged Khukri and might be hidden in Nepal. The investigating agency is now going to seek assistance from the government of Nepal in a bid to crack the murder mystery.

    However, the development is likely to benefit the main suspects, which can now apply for bail since the CBI is not going to file chargesheet in the case.

    Meanwhile, today’s development has hugely disappointed the Talwars. Reacting to the agency’s announcement, Dr Rajesh Talwar said, “We hope and pray that CBI gets the evidence to ensure Aarushi gets justice.”

    Rajesh’s sister-in-law, Vandana Talwar, also expressed her displeasure by saying that her family expected concrete results after the CBI probe.

    CBI had earlier claimed that it is still investigating the case and that it has evidence to prove the trio's involvement. However, it said that those evidence would be revealed only after the narco and brain mapping reports come.

    Aarushi was found dead in her bedroom on May 16. The UP police initially blamed domestic help Hemraj but later backed away after his body was found a day later on the terrace of the flat.

    Later, the police arrested Aarushi’s father Rajesh Talwar. The case was then handed over to the CBI, which did not find evidence against Talwar, leading to his release in July.

    On Sept 6, Vijay Mandal, one of the three accused in the Noida double murder case, was released on bail due to lack of evidence.

    After his release from the jail, Vijay Mandal said that he as well as other two accused as innocent and accused CBI for torturing him during the investigations.

    The CBI had opposed the bail plea of Vijay Mandal, Krishna and Raj Kumar, the three suspects in the Aarushi-Hemraj murder case arguing that they might abscond if they get bail. (Source Zee News)


    Mandal out of jail: I knew three of us did not kill Arushi

    Almost two months after the CBI detained him in the Arushi-Hemraj murder case, Vijay Mandal walked free from Dasna Jail at 8.10 pm on Saturday.

    Granted bail on Thursday after the investigating agency failed to furnish concrete evidence against him in the May 15 double murder, Mandal alleged CBI was forcing him to become an approver in the case. He also gave a clean chit to the other two helps, fellow inmates at Dasna and co-accused in the case: Krishna and Rajkumar.

    “I know that neither me, nor Krishna or Rajkumar are guilty,” he told Newsline. “We all are innocent; we are all being falsely implicated. We have faced a lot together — the CBI had put tremendous pressure on me to try and turn me into an approver, and only I know how I withstood that pressure.”

    He would now head home to Bihar for the next few days.

    Mandal, who worked as household help for Rajesh and Nupur Talwar’s neighbour Puneet Rai Tandon, had to spend an extra day at the prison since his family could not amass the surety amount — Rs 50,000 — required for his bail. Out of prison in the evening, Mandal went straight to the corner where his family members waited, and hugged brother Jairam Mandal and cousin Sajjan, who deposited the required amount in court today.

    Jairam said the family borrowed the money from relatives, “but I am glad to have my brother back”.

    Mandal, meanwhile, thanked his lawyer and his family for standing by him through the tough times. “Life in prison is very hard, very sad. It was the most unpleasant experience in my life,” he said.

    His lawyer Naresh Yadav said Mandal has been directed to go home (Bihar) on the condition that he would present himself in court whenever required.

    Meanwhile, Rajkumar’s counsel Sanjay Tyagi, who filed a bail application in the special CBI court in Ghaziabad on Friday, said the bail plea is scheduled for a Monday hearing. “We hope he, too, would be released on bail.”

    Krishna’s lawyer Fateh Chand Sharma is waiting for the “right time” to file the bail application. “Let us see what happens to Rajkumar,” he said, “we will also file the bail plea soon.” (Source: IE)


    All three prime accused in the Arushi-Hemraj murder case were sent to 14 days of additional judicial custody on Friday. The Special CBI court in Ghaziabad extended the custody of Krishna, Raj Kumar and Vijay Mandal on the prosecution’s request.

    Friday’s hearing came after Krishna’s counsel R K Anand filed an application requesting the court for documents such as the postmortem report, a copy of the FIR, and reports of tests conducted on Krishna.

    Anand also argued that the court had power to release an accused if no evidence is found against him. He contended CBI had kept Krishna under “illegal detention”.

    But prosecution counsel R K Saini told the court that the accused cannot be released as investigations are still on.

    Rajkumar’s counsel Sanjay Tyagi had submitted an application alleging that CBI had tortured his client physically and mentally. The application quotes Raj Kumar as saying that he does not “know Krishna, but CBI officials have threatened to kill” his family if he “does not become (a) prosecution witness”.

    The application was filed his lawyer.

    “It is a blatant violation of my client’s rights if the CBI keeps him in custody without evidence against him,” Tyagi said.

    The application filed on behalf of Raj Kumar also says: “They (CBI investigators) asked me to tell the court that Krishna had killed the two (Arushi and Hemraj)… Talwar had called me on May 16 and asked me to wash the blood-soaked clothes and asked to serve water to guests.”

    The investigating agency had earlier given a clean chit to Arushi’s father Dr Rajesh Talwar, a prime suspect for Noida police after their initial suspect — household help Hemraj — was found dead a day after Arushi’s body was found.

    The CBI had also made it clear that no corroborative evidence had been found against the three accused helps: Raj Kumar, Krishna, and Vijay Mandal.

    Arushi, a Class IX student of DPS-Noida, was found murdered in her Sector-25 house on May 15. Hemraj’s body was found — the throat slit with a “sharp-edged weapon” in a similar fashion — the following morning on the terrace. (Source IE )


    Family requests media to give time to Talwar...............

    The Talwar family on Monday made a fervent appeal to the media asking it to give some time to Dr Rajesh Talwar to overcome the "double whammy" of losing his daughter and then being sent to prison for the same.

    The 49-year-old Talwar, who was released after 50 days as the CBI informed the court that it had not found any evidence against him, has been indoors since he was released the last weekend from Dasna jail.

    The Talwar family came out with an appeal after the media continued to camp outside their make-shift residence at their in-laws house in Sector 25 Noida which, they termed, as being under "virtual siege".

    "The family is yet to get an opportunity to grieve their only daughter for last two months," the appeal said.

    Later talking to PTI, members of Talwar family said they were yearning to return to their ordinary middle class life.

    "Rajesh is going through a big emotional and mental turmoil as he had to suffer a double-whammy of losing his only daughter and then being jailed for the same tragedy.

    The only way he can come out of the terrible loss and incidents thereafter is by walking freely around the complex and by going to the temple which he use to do earlier with his daughter," they said and added but with cameras and mikes closely following "our every move, he is unable to do so."

    The family was getting queries from certain media houses as to whether Rajesh had shaved his beard or had his dinner or whether he was crying, they said and added this was in clear violation of the basic fundamental laws of an individual.

    "We wish to thank those channels which have responded positively to the family's appeal and we hope that others also follow the same. Give us time to grieve together with Rajesh and Nupur and share their sorrow," they said.


    'Talwars were away during murders..'

    Investigations carried out by Zee News have led to sensational disclosures in the Aarushi-Hemraj murder case. The prime accused in the twin murder case, Aarushi’s father Dr Rajesh Talwar was not present in his L-32 house in Noida’s Jalvayu Vihar on the fateful night of May 15 when the incident took place, a Zee News investigation found.

    CBI sources have told the channel that on the intervening night of May 15, Rajesh Talwar and his wife Nupur were not present in their house. In fact, the Talwar couple had spent the night in a hotel in Delhi, where upto 12 rooms were booked in their name.

    It is to be noted that Rajesh Talwar has been saying that he was present at his residence when the murders took place. Though the Zee News’ disclosure could bail him out of the murder charge, these new facts effectively raise eyebrows on Talwar’s involvement in the murder case, as he is not revealing his movement during that night indicating some foul play.

    Zee News also found that Talwars’ domestic help, Hemraj used to blackmail Aarushi, threatening to divulge her alleged relationship with a boy.

    Sequence of events prior to the murders (as came to light during Zee News’ probe):

    On the May 15 night, Hemraj invited Krishna and Rajkumar – the other two accused in the case – to his room at Talwars’ residence. An inebriated Hemraj, during the party, divulged Aarushi’s secrets to Krishna and Rajkumar. The trio then went to Aarushi’s room.

    Seeing the trio, Aarushi tried to scream. But the trio killed her with a ‘khukri’ – the theory which has been endorsed by the CBI.

    Then, Krishna and Rajkumar, in a bid to save themselves, killed Hemraj as he was the only witness to the incident.
    (Zee News)


    For the first time since the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) took over the Noida double murder probe on June 1, blood samples of Nupur Talwar have been taken and sent to the forensic laboratory in Hyderabad for blood group testing.

    CBI sleuths took Nupur Talwar to the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) on Tuesday morning where experts from the Department of Forensic Medicine took blood samples.

    According to sources, the blood samples have been sent to the Forensic Sciences Laboratory in Hyderabad for further testing. “As per our information, the sample has been taken for blood group testing,” a source said.

    A senior forensic expert said blood grouping is conducted to match with traces of blood found at a crime spot. The decision to send the dentist’s blood samples to FSL-Hyderabad was taken after the investigators recovered a bloodstained T-shirt from Durani household help Rajkumar’s room. 

    This, though, is not the first time that the CBI has turned to AIIMS for expert opinion in the Arushi-Hemraj murder case. The forensic team from AIIMS, headed by Dr T D Dogra, has visited the Talwar residence several times in search of clues. The team also re-accessed the postmortem report; the experts are of the opinion that the police did not investigate certain biological evidence.

    The probe agency also carried out psychoanalysis of Aarushi’s parents Dr Rajesh and Dr Nupur Talwar and their compounder Krishna at AIIMS. Rajkumar’s T-shirt with bloodstains has already been sent to the Centre for Finger Printing DNA and Diagnostics, Hyderabad, after it was recovered late last month.

    It has already been confirmed that bloodstains on the T-shirt were not Rajkumar’s. The Hyderabad laboratory is conducting advanced forensic examination to ascertain who the blood belongs to, CBI sources said.

    Arushi, a Class IX student of DPS-Noida, was found dead in her Sector-25 Noida home on May 16. The police had initially suspected the Talwars’ domestic help, Hemraj, and sent teams to trace him. But their theories fell flat the following day when the help, too, was found murdered on the terrace — in a similar fashion, with the throat slit with a “sharp weapon”. The Noida police had arrested Rajesh Talwar on May 23 and said he had killed his daughter in a fit of rage.

    After the Noida police drew a blank for a fortnight, and faced flak for shoddy handling of the investigation, the CBI took over the case on June 1 and soon shifted attention to compounder Krishna and Duranis’ help Rajkumar. The agency, too, has been unable to throw much light with its probe for over a month. Soure IE


    The bail plea of Krishna, cwas rejected by a Ghaziabad court on Monday while a petition is likely to be filed in the Allahabad High Court soon seeking the release of the dentist from judicial custody.

    Special Magistrate Sapna Mishra rejected the petition of Krishna, saying the court was not empowered to take a decision on his bail.

    "We have submitted before the court that Krishna was arrested under some false charges and hence he should be released. But the court said that it was not empowered to grant bail," Krishna's lawyer Fateh Chand Sharma said.

    He said they were exploring other options, including moving to the District and Sessions Court, for his release.

    Meanwhile, a petition is likely to be moved in the Allahabad High Court soon seeking release of Rajesh Talwar from judicial custody as his bail application was rejected by Ghaziabad District and Sessions Judge Narender Kumar Jain on June 26.

    "We are contemplating to move the High Court," Talwar's counsel Satish Tamta said.

    The CBI probe into the double murder is still going on though the investigating agency arrested a third person, Raj Kumar, domestic help of Talwar's family friend Durranis, on Friday.

    The agency had claimed that Raj Kumar confessed that he had broken and subsequently hidden the mobile phone of Aarushi and can also get the 'Khukri' used in the crime recovered.


    Aarushi's mother Nupur interrogated

    The Central Bureau of Investigation Tuesday interrogated Nupur and Rajesh Talwar in connection with their teenaged daughter's murder last month. Nupur is likely to be subjected to another lie detector test in the coming days.

    Nupur was questioned briefly by the CBI sleuths at the agency headquarters on the murder of her daughter Aarushi and their domestic help, Hemraj, at their flat in suburban Noida on May 15-16 night.

    ''Nupur was questioned for 15 minutes. Her lie detector test was scheduled for today (Tuesday). But it could not be conducted as she arrived late,'' highly placed CBI sources said. Her lie-detector test is likely to be conducted in the next few days.

    Nupur has so far been subjected to three tests - two at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences and one at the Central Forensic Science Laboratory (CFSL), Delhi.

    Aarushi, 14, was found murdered in her parents' Jal Vayu Vihar apartment in suburban Noida May 16. The police initially named the family domestic help Hemraj as the prime suspect, but backtracked when his body was found on the terrace of the apartment the next day.

    The police arrested Rajesh Talwar, a dentist, May 23 saying he had killed the two as he was opposed to the close ties between Aarushi and Hemraj and also because she knew about his extra-marital relationship with a colleague, Anita Durrani.

    The agency arrested Krishna, the compounder of Rajesh Talwar, on June 13 and said he had confessed to his involvement in the murders.

    The CBI, which took over the case June 1, has not yet been able to locate the weapon used in the double murders or establish the motive for the crime.

    On Monday, the CBI was given four more days' custody of Krishna. The probe agency had earlier claimed to have recovered a 'khukri' (curved short knife) from Krishna's room. The knife has been sent for forensic examination.

    According to sources, forensic tests on the khukri have ruled out its use in the crime.


    Krishna has confessed: CBI to court

    In a major breakthrough in the Noida double murder case, the CBI has claimed that Krishna, the man who worked at Dr Talwar's clinic, has confessed to involvement in the murders of Aarushi Talwar and her domestic help Hemraj.

    CBI, which earlier carried out five different tests on Krishna, including a narco-analysis test, found that there were several inconsistencies in his statements.

    The CBI told the court that Krishna said that Hemraj had asked him to bring a khukri on the May 14. The CBI also told the court that both Krishna and Hemraj met at Talwar's residence on the night of May 15.

    CBI further said that Krishna has said that he can help find the khukri and can also help trace Aarushi and Hemraj's cell phones.

    Meanwhile, the CBI has got an extension of six days of custody of Krishna.

    Krishna's confession to CBI is inadmissible as evidence in court.

    CBI tells court

    • Krishna has confessed to his involvement: CBI
    • Krishna has said Hemraj asked him to get Khukri to house: CBI
    • Krishna, Hemraj met on the 15th night in Talwar house: CBI
    • We need more time to question Krishna: CBI
    • Court grants six days custody for Krishna

      ''Whenever we apply for police custody remand we say that the accused has admitted to his crime. It has not yet been established whether the Khukri seized earlier is connected to the crime,'' said Arun Singh, Joint Director, CBI.

      But Krishna's lawyer said that the CBI is making false claims.

      ''CBI has made false claims in the case diary,'' said Fatehchand Sharma, Krishna's lawyer.

      However, there are many unanswered questions:

    • CBI still has not found a motive for the murders
    • Krishna has been in CBI custody since June 3, why has it taken so long to allege involvement?
    • What is the actual evidence the CBI has found against Krishna?
    • Krishna says he's being framed, family say there is no confession
    • Why would Hemraj have been killed, if he had asked for khukri?

      Meanwhile, CBI teams have reached Durrani's residence at sector 25 in Noida. The CBI teams searched their servant Raj Kumar's quarter and investigators have seized some items from there.


    CBI cordons off Talwar house

    The drama over the Arushi-Hemraj murder case refuses to die down as the CBI continues investigations and cordons off the Talwar's residence for the second time in an attempt to search for more vital clues. The entire L-block of Jalvayu Vihar in Sector-25, Noida has been barricaded.

    Combing operations have resumed in the hunt for the weapon with which Arushi and the Talwar's domestic help Hemraj were brutally murdered.

    Investigative teams are also looking for Arushi and Hemraj's missing mobile phones. However, there are unconfirmed reports that Talwar's compounder Krishna has been escorted to the Talwar residence by the CBI, who intends to reconstruct the crime scene and interrogate Krishna on location.

    Will Nupur Talwar be arrested?

    Continuing its probe into the murder of Noida teenage girl and her domestic help, the CBI conducted a lie-detector test on Sunday (June 15) on Dr Nupur Talwar -- mother of Arushi Talwar. Following which, sources close to TIMES NOW told that Nupur Talwar could be arrested due to inconsistencies in her statement and that of her husband. Dr Rajesh Talwar -- prime accused, also underwent a psycho-analysis test on Sunday (June 15). ( Watch )

    Sunday's lie detector test on Dr Nupur Talwar was to corroborate statements given by Rajesh Talwar and his compounder Krishna during interrogation and to check for discrepancies, but it seems discrepancies did creep in. The sensational double murder case continues to stump investigators.

    Nupur was put to lie-detector test two-three days back as the CBI wanted to verify the information given by her about the case and to ascertain if she was trying to conceal any fact from the investigating agency. The behavioural pattern of the girl's mother was also studied in AIIMS, CBI sources said, adding she was not an accused in the case.

    CBI continues to cross-question suspects

    The investigation agency also questioned Raj Kumar, the domestic help of Anita Durrani, an associate of the Talwars, seized his mobile phone and sent it for forensic examination. The CBI also continued to question Rajesh Talwar's compounder Krishna, at present in the custody of the agency. Investigators also visited Krishna's house and the Talwar residence on Sunday hoping to find some vital clues, but no early breakthrough is in sight.

    The agency made an attempt to conduct a fresh search of the Sector-25 house of the Talwars but could not finish it as dozens of television cameras were seen following the sleuths to the rooftop prompting the CBI to call off their exercise. The CBI was unhappy with the media's "intrusion" and the matter was taken up with Noida authorities.

    CBI Director Vijay Shanker had earlier this week alleged that television channels had been intruding into various crime locations and trying to force a statement out of CBI officials probing the case. "The media should remain in their limits and allow the investigating agency to function," the CBI director had said.

    Meanwhile, Pinaki Mishra, the lawyer of the Talwars, said CBI had "asked Nupur for certain tests, certain stroke examinations and she has cooperated fully with them". (TOI)


    CBI arrests Krishna, to quiz Talwar's friend

    Moving towards a major breakthrough in the Aarushi-Hemraj murder probe, the CBI on Friday arrested Krishna, compounder of the jailed Noida dentist, for his alleged role in the destruction of evidence in the case.

    The agency also quizzed Rajkumar, domestic help of the Durranis, professional associates of Talwars, and looked set to question a senior executive of a well-known industrial house of Noida.

    As these fast-paced developments raised the possibility of the agency being on the verge of a breakthrough, a team of investigators accompanied by forensic experts ran a psychological assessment test on Dr Rajesh Talwar at Dasna jail in the light of leads gathered from Krishna.

    Krishna was arrested after he failed to satisfactorily reply to questions from the CBI team as to whether he helped destroy evidence — essentially, disposal of the weapon of offence and mobile phones of Aarushi and Hemraj.

    The compounder has been held under sections 201 (tampering with evidence), 120 B (criminal conspiracy) and 302 of the IPC. Sources termed the murder charge against Krishna as a procedural requirement because the original case was lodged under it. The focus of the probe, they added, remained on those from whom Krishna and Rajkumar took orders. (TOI)


    Aarushi murder: Centre refers case to CBI

    A day after the CBI took over the Arushi Talwar murder case, they moved for custodial remand of the prime accused Dr Rajesh Talwar -- father of deceased Arushi Talwar. Dr Rajesh Talwar is presently under judicial custody. Reports suggested that this move from the CBI comes as a move to prempt Dr Rajesh Talwar from seeking a bail and then eventually get bail.The CBI earlier speculated to move for custodial remand only after 2-3 days. However, they moved for custodial remand today (June 2) ensuring that the benefit of seeking bail to Rajesh Talwar is curbed. If the CBI would not apply for a custodial remand, the bail application of Rajesh Talwar would go uncontested and Dr Talwar could easily be granted bail, a move which the CBI as well as the Noida police would not appreciate. The CBI look to interrogate Dr Talwar after their team's constant efforts to investigate the crime scene and the case.However, even if CBI does avail custodial remand of Dr Rajesh Talwar, the investigation agency will have to produce him in a different courtroon in Gazhiabad -- a designated CBI court, where they would look to interrogate the prime accuse Dr Rajesh Talwar.The central investigating agency is continuing with its interrogations with the help of forensic experts and is busy collecting evidence from the Noida police and the STF. The team has contacted the best forensic experts in the nation and they have collected blood samples from the crime site and are looking into the case intently. The CBI took over the case on Sunday (June 1) after UP Chief Minister Mayawati wrote in to them requestion for an intervention. This move came in after discripencies in the statements issues by the Noida police. Lawyer: UP police treated Rajesh Talwar "very badly".Uttar Pradesh police treated dentist Rajesh Talwar, arrested on the charge of killing his teenaged daughter Aarushi, "very badly", his lawyer alleged on Sunday (June 1). The lawyer Pinaki Mishra said Talwar's family met him after about seven to eight days and "he is in a very bad shape". They (police) have made him sit out for 48 hours without being allowed to sleep. He has been subjected to intense emotional and psychological trauma and terror", Mishra told adding "we hope CBI takes corrective steps immediately and may be hospitalization". (With inputs from PTI) ...Source NDTV....The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) in all probability will soon begin a probe into the murder of Noida teenager Aarushi Talwar and her family's domestic help Hemraj, an official said Friday.

    Speaking to ITGO, the CBI spokesman, G Mohanty, said, "We have received a letter on Friday from the government. We are yet to reply to it."

    Another senior CBI official said they are likely to take up the case within the next few days. He confirmed that the agency had received a letter from the central government requesting its opinion on a request from the Uttar Pradesh government to take over the probe into the gruesome May 15 murders.

    However, two days ago, the central government had turned down the Uttar Pradesh government's demand for the CBI probe into the sensational Noida double murder case.

    The Uttar Pradesh government had routed its request through the Department of Personnel and Training (DoPT). Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Mayawati had Thursday sought a CBI probe into the murders.

    Aarushi, a class IX student of Delhi Public School (Noida) was found dead with her throat slit in her family's Jal Vayu Vihar apartment on May 16. The police initially named domestic help Hemraj as the prime accused but backtracked after his body was found on the building's terrace May 17.

    Aarushi's dentist father Rajesh Talwar was arrested on May 23. The police claimed he killed Aarushi in a fit of rage as he objected to her closeness to Hemraj, but the family has denied the police allegations.


    Talwar's bail application rejected sent to 3 days police custody

    A local court rejected the bail application of Noida double murder case accused Rajesh Talwar on Tuesday and remanded him to police custody for 3 days. Earlier, the proceedings of the court was postponed for an hour after some lawyers agitating on the Gujjar issue entered the courtroom and shouted slogans. Talwar, now in judicial remand, was brought to the court of the Chief Judicial Magistrate A K Singh from Dasna Jail in Ghaziabad on Tuesday morning for the hearing of his bail plea and an application filed by police for seeking his custody.The proceedings, that began around 1:30pm (local time), had lasted barely 15 minutes, during which the Public Prosecutor P N Shrivastava sought seven days' police custody of the accused, when some lawyers who have been agitating for reservation benefits for Gujjars entered the courtroom and started shouting slogans. "The proceedings were postponed for an hour following the disruption," Shrivastava said. The bail plea was earlier scheduled to be taken on Monday, but it had to be postponed till Tuesday due to a strike called by the lawyers in support of the Gujjars' agitation. Lawyers representing Talwar, a dentist, had filed the application saying that he be released on bail since he was innocent and also suffering from asthma. IG (Meerut Zone) Gurdarshan Singh had said that Rajesh Talwar wanted to kill his daughter Aarushi and had hence eliminated would-be witness Hemraj.


    Talwar's bail application to come up before court tomorrow

    The bail application of Noida double murder case accused Rajesh Talwar will come up tomorrow before a court as it could not be taken up today following a section of lawyers striking work protesting against firing on agitating Gujjars in Rajasthan.

    Lawyers representing Talwar, a dentist, have filed the application saying that he be released on bail since he was innocent and also suffering from asthma.

    Local police also moved an application today seeking police remand for Talwar, who was sent to 14 days judicial custody on Friday following his arrest for allegedly killing his teenaged daughter Aarushi and family help Hemraj in his residence in Noida's sector 25.


    My husband is innocent: Nupur Talwar

    Nupur Talwar, wife of dentist Rajesh Talwar, who was arrested on Friday for allegedly killing his daughter and a domestic help, claimed on Saturday that he was totally innocent and that she would fight his battle for justice.

    Ms. Talwar also denied that there was an illicit relationship between her husband and Anita Durrani, a dental surgeon. Police said the alleged affair was one of the reasons for the twin murder. “There is no such thing,” she told NDTV.

    Doting father

    Ms. Talwar said: “With all conviction I can say it [the murder] can’t be the way it is suggested [by the police]. He was a doting father. In fact I used to feel that I had done something good in the past to be part of such a wonderful family. I have faith in the legal system and I have faith in God,” she said.

    Ms. Talwar, who is also a dentist, said she could not believe that her husband could be behind the murders.

    “It is not possible, just not possible. The killer is out there somewhere. We will have to fight it out in court. The truth is there. The truth has to come out.”

    Speaking in public for the first time since the May 15 murder, Ms. Talwar said they were a very close-knit family and on the night of the murder, the family had food and watched television together like any other family before going to sleep.

    “I have been in the house. Is such a thing possible? Can any mother sleep throughout ... I think it is beyond anybody’s imagination. Utter nonsense, baseless nonsense. They [police] can say whatever they want. I know it is not true. God knows it is not true,” she said.

    Asked whether she, as a mother, could be part of a cover-up to save her husband from the law, she said: “Would any mother do that? Then I don’t think she is a mother. She is not a human being. She is an animal. Even a father would not do it.”

    On the police charge of extra-marital relationship between Mr. Talwar and Ms. Durrani, she said, Ms. Durrani was like an extended family.

    “I have known her since Aarushi was born. Her daughter may be six months older than Aarushi. Her daughter and my daughter were like sisters. Whenever we have had medical problems, her husband [Praful] would come and give medicines. Even when Rajesh gets asthmatic attacks, the first to be called is Praful. In fact, we never had a family doctor. Praful was our doctor,” she said.

    Trusted domestic help

    On domestic help Hemraj, who the police claimed had developed a relationship with Aarushi, Ms. Talwar said he was a person whom she trusted. “He was 45 years, turning grey, elderly. How happy he was that Aarushi had eaten ‘palak paneer’ for the first time … He cared for her,” she said and denied suggestions of an intimate relationship between Hemraj and Aarushi.

    “It is not true at all. We knew everything about Aarushi, she also went through what teenagers normally go through,” she said.

    Ms. Talwar said her husband never uttered a word to Aarushi and whatever he wanted to say, he always conveyed it through her. “It [Aarushi’s murder by him] is not possible. I know Rajesh. He had a lot of patience. He was one of the most gentle souls. It is unimaginable. I hope the person [murderer] would be caught,” she said.

    Asked who could be the killer, she said she had no idea. “First when the murder came to light, I thought that it was the servant. But when his body was recovered, then I thought probably it was some enmity the servant had with someone.”

    Recalling the events the night before Aarushi was murdered, Ms. Talwar said her husband had bought a camera for the girl’s 14th birthday (which incidentally was on Saturday) and both of them took it to her room. She wanted to give it to Aarushi the same day but Rajesh wanted to wait till the birthday.

    Ms. Talwar said Aarushi kept calling her friends to know who were coming for the birthday party.

    “I will not just sit back and see. I will fight for justice and for my family’s name,” she said. — PTI



    Talwars arrested along with another doctor Anita Durrani; their houses raided.

    Dentist Rajesh Talwar was arrested today on the charge of slitting the throat of his teenage daughter Aarushi, sending shock waves in a country inured to crime and raising questions rarely discussed in public.

    The high-profile dentist has also been accused of killing domestic help Hemraj on May 15 night. The 15-year-old girl was killed the same night at the dentist’s Noida flat.

    Officially, the police said the motive was to prevent the girl from revealing Rajesh’s “affair” with colleague Anita Durrani.

    But a senior officer told The Telegraph Aarushi was killed to stop her from exposing sleaze involving several people. He said many influential people in Delhi — Rajesh is known to have had VIP patients — had a role in the sordid goings-on and there would be pressure from them not to expose the racket.

    Rajesh and Nupur, both dentists, owned a clinic at Sector 27 that had two other dentists on its payroll: Anita and her husband Praful Durrani. Rajesh and Anita would be in office from 9am to noon and Nupur and Praful between 5pm and 7pm. Even the pairs’ days off matched.

    The source said the Talwars and the Durranis would meet every now and then at the flat and Aarushi would be locked up in her room during such “parties”.

    On the day of the murders, Rajesh and Anita had skipped work, both at the clinic and at Fortis Hospital where they were colleagues. The Talwars allegedly exchanged several phone calls with the Durranis before and after the murders.

    The Durranis have been detained for questioning and police sources said Nupur was likely to be arrested soon.

    The police had found Aarushi’s body in her bedroom on May 16 morning but overlooked Hemraj’s on the terrace and, seeing him missing, declared him the chief suspect. They had egg on their face the next day when a neighbour — a former deputy commissioner of police — followed the bloodstains on the staircase and discovered the body.

    At today’s news conference, a cagey Gurudarshan Singh, inspector-general of police (Meerut zone), named Rajesh as the killer but mentioned only the relationship with Anita as motive. He was silent on any role by Nupur, but sleuths unofficially confirmed that she was present when Rajesh slit Aarushi’s throat — and there was a third person, too, whom they wouldn’t name.

    Singh went on to add an “honour killing” angle, saying Rajesh was angry with his daughter for having an affair with Hemraj, 45, but provided no proof. In Lucknow, additional director-general of police Brij Lal echoed Singh, saying Rajesh would bring Anita home when Nupur was not present, angering Aarushi. He didn’t mention “the parties”, either.

    The police’s eagerness to confine the case to the “affair” has raised questions because there was no visible sign of hostility between Rajesh’s wife Nupur and Anita after Aarushi’s murder when the two women were often seen together. Anita accompanied the Talwars to a temple to pray for Aarushi’s soul and took part in the girl’s last rites.

    The senior police source suggested that Aarushi had begun blackmailing her parents, and an expensive camera that had arrived by courier on the day of the murder was payment for her silence. But Aarushi had apparently confided in a friend and Hemraj.

    The parents somehow found out, the source said, and Rajesh may have been under pressure from within his VIP swinging set to do something.

    IGP Singh’s official version had a gaping hole. He said Rajesh returned home at 11pm and found Hemraj and Aarushi in an “objectionable scene”. In a fit of anger that had been building up because of the girl’s attitude towards his affair, he killed both.

    He first murdered the servant on the terrace and, after a swig of whisky, killed his daughter. But if Hemraj was killed on the terrace, what explains the bloodstains on the staircase? The IGP didn’t explain.

    Singh also made a slip. Moments after saying “Hemraj was killed first, on the terrace”, he claimed the servant was silenced because he was a witness to the girl’s murder.

    Officers said Rajesh was arrested after the police tapped a phone call he made to his lawyer. The dentist claimed he was innocent and had been framed by one “Dinesh Verma”. Police sources could not say who Verma might be. (Source Telegraph)


    TIME Line......

    The course of investigation took several turns in the gruesome murder of teenaged Aarushi Talwar - a class IX student of Delhi Public School, Noida. The suspense continued until the arrest of her doctor parents Friday along with another doctor friend. Here is a chronology of the incident and the case investigation —

    May 16:

    • Fourteen-year-old Delhi Public School student Aarushi Talwar found dead.
    • Missing domestic help Hemraj declared main suspect.
    • Senior SP A Satish Ganesh stated that the servant must have murdered in an inebriated state and fled.
    • SP (City) Mahesh Mishra declared that the case will be solved within 24 hours.

    May 17:

    • Hemraj, the main suspect, was accused as the culprit in the FIR lodged by father Rajesh Talwar.
    • The help was later found dead on the house’s terrace after police broke open the locked door.
    • Special task force (STF) joins the probe.
    • SP (City) Mishra made statement that surgical equipment was used in the murders and the killer knew the house well.
    • Police seek call details of the mobile phones of Aarushi and Hemraj.

    May 19:

    • SP (City) Mishra was transferred along with the SHO of Sector-20 police station Dataram Nauneria.
    • SSP Ganesh said that it was clear that the murderer had access to all parts of the house.

    May 20:

    • Former family help Vishnu Thapa was suspected in the case, as reported from the office of state’s Additional Director General of Police Brij Lal.
    • SSP Ganesh said that Vishnu’s whereabouts were not known.
    • Aarushi’s parents were questioned for several hours.
    • Later in the day, SSP Ganesh claimed the case will be cracked within 24 hours.

    May 21:

    • Citing the post-mortem examination report, ADGP Lal ruled out rape of the girl.
    • Driver Umesh Sharma told police that he had seen Aarushi with her parents just before dinner on the night of incident (Thursday).
    • Ashok Tripathi took over as the new SP (City), conducting raids and sealed Talwars’ garage.
    • Sector-39 SHO Anil Samania was made the new investigating officer of the case.
    • Delhi police team visits to assist the UP police in probe.

    May 22:

    • Claiming that the police had almost cracked the case, SSP Ganesh said that the twin murders were possibly “honour killing”.
    • Aarushi’s friend Anmol, whom she had talked to before being killed, was questioned by the police for hours.

    May 23:

    • Parents questioned for five hours.
    • Talwars arrested along with another doctor Anita Durrani; their houses raided.