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    1200 Sitarists united in Music and Spirituality….for world peace.



    Noida : November 21, 6 – 8 pm Sector 32 Noida


    Mile Sure Mera Tumahra…to sur banega hamara India made history when about 70,000 persons witnessed symphony composed any directed by Chitra Roy disciple of Sri Sri … 1200 Sitarists from all over the world.. along with over 50 musicians from seven countries around the world, played at the Brahm Naad concert organised by the Art of Living Foundation. Besides the sitarists, there were artistes playing the mridangam, narangi, flute, ghatam, tabla and keyboard. The proceeds of the show will go to help Bihar flood victims. The aim was to popularize Indian Classical Music and help Bihar flood victims….It was. Stated to find its way in the Guiness Book of World record.

    Music lover, Jaspreet Kaur said: “After Greek musician Yanni’s concert at the Taj Mahal 11 years back in March, 1997, this kind of show has come up for the first time in the country. And Noida couldn’t be more proud than to have hosted such a grand event. I would always cherish this day.” After Swami Viveknand and Mother Teressa, Sri Sri Ravi Shanker is the .India’s Gift to  Humanity and Spirituality..




    Smt Ambika Soni, Union Tourism and Culture Minister, Himachal Health Minister, Swamy Lokesh Muni Ji,  …Pt Shiv Kumar Sharma (Santoor), Dr Mahesh Sharma, Noida CEO Mohinder Singh, Shri Ashok Pradhan, M.P., Shri Vinod Khanna, M.P. Dr. Mahesh Sharma, CMD Kailash Hospital, SSP R K Chaturvedi,  Shiv Khera and others were present on dias….. A five-member team from the Guinness Book of World Records reviewed the show, Sangeeta Anand, chief coordinator-Art of Living Foundation, said.




    Sri Sri Explaining Brahm Naad,…seen in the picture Ashok Pradhan, M.P. and Shri Vinod Khanna, M.P….Sri Sri advised parents present here to give classical music training to children….he expressed concerned over the fact that Indians are loosing interest in classical music…proceeds of the concert are dedicated to relief and rehabilitation of flood ravaged Bihar





    Himachal Health Minister, CEO NOIDA, Dr Mahesh Sharma, CMD Kailash Hospital, Shri R K Chaturvedi SSP witnessing the concert….Member of European Parliament also witnessed the event and applauded India for giving World Spiritual Guru Sri Sri.. Shiv Khera India ’s reknowned Motivational Guru , depicted a gloomy picture of Indian governance….appealed Sri Sri to come forward in running the Indian government..





    Pt Shiv Kumar Sharma, listening to spirituality..both took a round on the dias greeting the Sitarists..that caused a chaos for short while…





    Brain behind the show Chitra Roy….directing the Sitarists….






    Mega show of Beauty of Music and Spirituality …..Youngsters ….women power participated in large numbers..






    ……….and so is the Key Board Player, busy in winning thousands of  hearts , minds and brains






    Only flute player at his best…….





    Word class arrangement of light, sound, stage and presentations were made…AOL volunteers from NCR managed the entire show with full discipline…..






    Immersed in Music……






    an audience watching and listening curiously to sri sri






    an audience watching and listening curiously to sri sri








    Pranayam Dhyan is in progress…..






    Pranayam Dhyan is in progress